My best self

This year sees a sixth year of our My Best Self campaign, which we kicked off when we first launched Mantra in 2016.

The idea is to share stories about how we can all step up and be our best selves. For me, having a mantra – a memorable set of words – in a given moment can really help to change our thoughts and our behaviours. That is why I created Mantra Jewellery – to bring together inspiring words and a tangible reminder, in a beautiful piece of jewellery.

My Best Self 2022

Blog - My Best Self June 2022
Blog - My Best Self May 2022
Blog - My Best Self April 2022
Blog - My Best Self March 2022
Blog - My Best Self February 2022
Blog - My Best Self January 2022


My Best Self 2021

Blog - My Best Self 2021 Round Up
Blog - My Best Self October 2021
Blog - Mantra Q&A Care International
blog - mantra q&a trees for cities
blog - mantra Q&A NHS charities together
blog - mantra q&a mindMy Best Self May 2021
BLOG - Q&A bullying ukMy Best Self June 2021
blog - PaNDAS Q&A
blog - women for women Q&A


My Best Self 2020

Blog - my best self 2020 wrap-up

mybestself October
mybestself September
mybestself August
mybestself July
mybestself June 2020
mybestself May 2020
mybestself April 2020
mybestself February 2020

My Best Self 2019

My Best Self 2018

My best self 2017

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