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Dream it, believe it, achieve it

Posted: by Rhian Thursday, 18 May 2017 @ 10:30

When you were a kid, did you dream of being an astronaut? Did you picture the house you wanted to live in? Did you imagine a particular lifestyle, did you dream of accepting the nobel prize or collecting a grammy? Well, we’re here to tell you it’s not too late! 

As we get older we spend less time dreaming and more time doing – so this month we’re revisiting our childhood mindset and starting afresh. This month we’ll be focusing on dreams, how to set them, achieve them and live them!

First things first, what’s your dream?

1. Dream it

Think of what your dream is. If it's writing a novel, go for it! Living in the sun, achieving peak physical fitness, having a less stressful lifestyle, creating the perfect walk-in wardrobe, finding the perfect home – these are some of mine. You don’t need to think long or short term, or big or small – just what do you dream of?

2. Visualise it

A great way to keep your dreams at the forefront of your mind is to visualise them. Make a vision board of what your future looks like, put it somewhere you can see it every day and let the laws of attraction do their magic.

3. Say it

Find a mantra that empowers you on your quest to a happier you. Here are some we love


4. Act on it

If your dreams are long term think of ways that you can start to make them happen. If you want to live abroad you’re going to need money – start saving. If you want to be fit and healthy - join a gym. If you want to be fluent in a language - book the course. Start taking little steps to turn your dream into a reality

5. Share it

Make it your next conversation with your favourite people, over your weekly coffee or wine date. Share your dream, encourage theirs, and help each other take positive steps towards it.

6. Work on it

A post shared by sarah (@studeying) on

Sorry, it's not as easy as just thinking about it. We need to make a conscious effort to continue to work on our dreams. Write a manifesto outlining where you’ll be in a year, then where you’ll need to be in 6 months to be half way there and where you’ll be in 3 months, next month and next week, plot your success.

7. Love it

This time next year you can sit back and reap the rewards – enjoy it!

What is your dream? We'd love to hear them. Tag us in your #mybestself photos on Instagram for your choice to win the mantra of the month


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