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5 Gifts to thank a Teacher

Posted: by Sinade Monday, 26 June 2023 @ 16:22

A teacher's gift from Mantra is the perfect way to show gratitude or appreciation. Inspire them every day with a mantra of thanks.

Each piece is presented on a beautiful card for them to keep, with space on the back for you or your child to write a personal message, as to why you chose that mantra for them.

Here are our top 5 gifts that will bring a smile to their teacher's face...

 1.  Ahimsa Hand Necklace, £29

Ahimsa Hand Necklace

‘You give a hand to hold, a heart to care’

Recognise what they have done for your child this year, showing their love, care and compassion rather than just focusing on the curriculum.



2. Bee Charm Bracelet, £25

bee Charm Bracelet

‘Hard work brings sweet rewards’

Thank them for motivating your child to do their best, encouraging their natural curiosity and passion for new things and creating a lifelong love of learning in.



3. Daisy Earrings, £20

Daisy Earrings

‘You’re the reason I’m smiling today'

Perfect as a gift if your child has had a difficult year or a hard time adjusting to school. Thank their teacher for their part they played getting them back to happiness.



4. Sunflower Necklace, £29

Sunflower Necklace

'Life is better with you in it'

A great teacher inspires, encourages, supports and believes in their students. Let them know just how important they have been to your little one this year.



5. Lucky Clover Necklace, £25

Lucky Clover Necklace

‘May luck and laughter light your days, and love and hope be with you always’

Send them off on their Summer break with this beautiful gift wishing them hope, faith, love and luck.


Mantra Lotus

Discover our full teachers gift edit here!


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