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5 mantras for a Cancerian

Posted: by Rhian Tuesday, 10 October 2017 @ 15:58

Cancer is a water sign, symbolised by the crab. This sign values friends and family more than anything, and those born under Cancer (21st June- 22nd July) are characterised by their love of home and home comforts. They strive to be as true to themselves as possible. Here are some mantras perfect for a Cancerian…


Be the best version of you

Lotus mantra necklace

Authenticity is a key value of a Cancerian, if you stray from your true self then you will see a dip in your self-esteem. Wear the lotus flower to remember to be the best and truest version of yourself, and that person is always enough!


Your guardian angel is always with you

Guardian angel necklace

You have a strong connection with your family and loved ones and their presence is reassuring, you may not be able to be together all the time so wear this mantra to remind you that they’re always with you in spirit.


Without change there would be no butterflies

Butterfly change necklace


Your love of home comforts and family can mean that change makes you nervous, wear this mantra to remind you that change is exciting not daunting, and that great things come out of being challenged.


Sail away from the harbour, explore, dream, discover

Explore dream discover necklace

You have a wild imagination and a lust for life, wear this mantra to remind you that travel and new experiences fuel your creativity and supply you with the authenticity you seek.


You are loved

Being loved and loving in return is the cornerstone of the cancer sign, wear this mantra to remind you that love is all around you, embrace your caring nature with this positive affirmation and remember that you are loved.

Happy Birthday to all of you Cancers, what is your mantra?

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