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Carry your own personal mantra with you, always

Do you have your own mantra, affirmation or favourite quote, that you'd like to carry with you every day?

Our large 'myMantra' pendants are 2.5cm diameter, with a choice of beautiful designs on the front, worn on a long chain. Have your favourite uplifting mantra or positive affirmation engraved on the back, to create your own personal piece of motivational jewellery. Wear your personal mantra, or gift someone special, with their very own personalised necklace.

Wearing a myMantra enables you to bring to mind words of wisdom when you need them, or remind yourself of an affirmation to overcome a limiting belief or manifest what you want out of life. Every philosophy of positive thinking, manifesting, or the law of attraction, includes a belief in the absolute power of affirmations, to help overcome limiting beliefs and change your mindset.

Hold onto your pendant from time to time through the day, and repeat your affirmation, to change your mindset; or use it to set your intention for the day. 

myMantra - the power of words, combined with the beauty of jewellery.

As seen on Rita Ora | Michael James Wong | Using Affirmations to Change your Life


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