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myMantra - Your personal mantra on a necklace

Do you have your own mantra, or favourite quote or saying, that you would like engraved onto a necklace?

Our larger 'myMantra' pendants are 2.5cm in diameter, with a beautiful design on the front - so you can have your favourite uplifting mantra engraved on the back, to create your own, very personal, piece of motivational jewellery. Carry your personal mantra with you every day, or gift someone special, with their very own personalised necklace.

Wearing a piece of Mantra Jewellery reminds us of an important message - words of wisdom to bring to mind when we need them; or a celebration of our personal beliefs and values. Hold onto your long 'myMantra' pendant from time to time, and read your inspiring phrase in the middle of a busy day or at a frustrating moment, to lift your mood and bring your attention to the present. 

Watch our video to find out how it works!

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