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We believe in the power of words, to change your mood and your mindset.

And we believe jewellery is the best way to carry those words with you, because it is personal, precious, portable, and acts as a prompt or reminder through the day.

Everything we do brings together memorable words with beautiful jewellery, to create powerful and personal reminders, designed to inspire and uplift.

Each piece of jewellery symbolises a specific mantra, intended to make a positive impact on the way that you feel. Hold onto your piece of jewellery for a few mindful moments throughout the day, and bring its message to mind. The powerful words will change your mood and your mindset.

Mantra is jewellery that changes the way you feel. Buy it for yourself, and it prompts you to be your best self, every day. Repeat the mantra to give you guidance or advice, in that moment. Buy it for someone else, and it gives them inspiration every day.

As founder, Jo Stroud, says:

'A piece of jewellery can't change the world. But it can change the way you feel. And that can change your world.'


About Mantra 

Team Mantra Jewellery

"I founded Mantra Jewellery in 2015, along with my team, to create inspirational and uplifting jewellery, to wear with joy every day. Jewellery that is a pleasure to give and to receive, and that creates moments of joy and inspiration in the wearer. We officially launched it to the world in 2016, with its own brand and website. 

Mantra is now an award-winning jewellery brand, inspiring thousands of people every day.

Based in Leamington Spa, the Mantra team live and breathe the mantra philosophy. We are made up of four passionate individuals (meet the team) who see the power of surrounding yourself with inspiration, joy and love.

What is a mantra?

A mantra is a positive and powerful phrase, designed to make a positive impact on the way that you feel. It can be a word, phrase, or quote - something you have written yourself, or been given, or read or heard somewhere.

Mantras change mindset. They bring motivation, they strengthen resolve, they give focus. They reassure, they comfort, they inspire and uplift, they energise, and they toughen our minds. Most powerfully of all, they bring self-belief. At different points in our lives, or on a given day, we can benefit hugely from words or phrases that resonate with us, to give us advice, guidance or reassurance. An affirmation is also a type of mantra - one that typically begins with 'I am'. 

I started using mantras to keep myself motivated when training for long runs, culminating in the London Marathon. But I have always collected inspiring and meaningful quotes and phrases, and now use them as a guide to living my life. I believe that the power of words to inspire us is undeniable.

I am also passionate about jewellery, as I believe it holds meaning in a way that other gifts or products don't. Jewellery can move you, inspire you, uplift you, and carry an emotional message, in a way that nothing else can. This is because it is personal – you wear it close to you; portable – you carry it with you by wearing it; precious - in what it is made of; permanent, or lasting, in a way that so many other products or gifts simply aren’t; and it acts as a prompt, or reminder, of the person who gave it to you, or the reason you bought it.

So, we created Mantra Jewellery to give you a precious, personal, wearable and lasting way of carrying your mantra with you, every day.

Our mission

We’re on a mission to enable women everywhere to benefit from the power of wearing a personal mantra. We want you to choose Mantra Jewellery, when you want to give your daughter, your friend, or yourself, a powerful dose of self-confidence and self-belief.

Choose a Mantra for your friend, your mum, your sister, or your colleague. It lasts; it has real meaning behind it; it will remind her powerfully of the message you want to give her; and it will bring her inspiration, joy and love, every day.

The power of Mantra

We start with the mantra. We write a powerful phrase using positive words that will have a real imapct on your mood and mindset. Then, we bring those words to life with our design, creating a piece of jewellery that embodies and communicates the mantra. Sometimes, a word or words from the mantra feels like the most powerful design; sometimes, we believe that a symbol conveys the meaning more powerfully.

Then we create the card design. We use colour psychology to choose a colour palette, and then seek out an inspiring image which will evoke the spirit of the mantra. The card is a key part of the power of Mantra, which is why your jewellery comes on a card, rather than simply in a box. We make space on the back of the card for your personal message, so you can remind yourself, or tell your gift recipient, why you chose this particular mantra. That personal message amplifies its power, making it uniquely personal. Many of our pieces can also be engraved, enabling an even greater level of personalisation. 

Mantra is carefully and thoughtfully designed to be a powerful, memorable, and inspirational gift – to yourself, or to a loved one."


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Winner of Brands to Watch at the UK Retail Jewellery Award - Mantra Natwest Everywoman Awards_Jo Stroud

More about us

I also own Fabulous, a retailer of designer jewellery. We had 4 stores on UK high streets, but have now moved to being an online-only brand, at www.fabulouscollections.co.uk. After 10 years of being a pure retailer, it’s exciting and fulfilling to bring my own ideas for jewellery to life. 

Jo Stroud, Mantra Founder

Mantra® is a registered trademark of Fabulous Collections Ltd. Registered office: 3 Pegasus House, Pegasus Court, Olympus Avenue, Warwick, CV34 6LW. Fabulous Collections Ltd, registered in England, no. 05504575 - Vat number 864505514

To contact us, please write to: Jo Stroud, Mantra Jewellery, 6b Park Street, Leamington Spa, CV32 4QN, email us or call us on 01926 335800 during normal business hours.

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