Where is Mantra made?

Mantra Jewellery - Made in Thailand

When we first started to design Mantra Jewellery, we had to decide where to have it made.

Mantra is made from 925 Sterling Silver, with some of it plated in 18ct Rose and Yellow Gold – so we knew it had to be somewhere that specialised in working with Sterling Silver, and with a strong jewellery tradition. 

We also knew that we wanted somewhere with excellent craftsmanship, where the manufacturing process and quality control would be of an extremely high standard, and where every scrap of silver that is lost in the production process is swept back up and re-used. 

But in addition, we wanted somewhere inspiring and uplifting; somewhere with a spiritual connection; somewhere with a deep history and collective memory of jewellery-making; and with an understanding of what Mantra stands for.

There was only one place in our minds that met all these criteria: Thailand. 

Thailand is world-famous for its exceptional silver and fine artisanal jewellery designs. The history behind Thailand's well-developed silver market extends through many generations, starting with the production of fine silverware and decorative items such as ladles and bowls; moving over the years to finer silverwork and jewellery design.

The Northern region of Thailand and the Hill Tribes are particularly famous for the production of fine silverwork and jewellery, as Northern Thai Silver is renowned for its high level of purity (often up to 99.9%), and for its fine craftsmanship, typically featuring intricate details. The same handcrafting methods used hundreds of years ago are still used today by many of the world's finest silver artisans.

But the skills have spread across the country, and the area around Bangkok now has a large jewellery specialism, alongside Chiang Mai and the hills. And Thailand is now the largest exporter of silver jewellery in the world.

And of course, Thailand is also a truly beautiful country of white sandy beaches, palm trees, tropical forests, mist-covered mountains, and ancient monuments. It is a land of Buddhism, of yoga, of yellow-robed monks; it is known as the Land of Smiles, with truly friendly people, and an other-worldly, mystical feel.

So – the perfect place to make Mantra Jewellery!


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