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The ‘regardless of the result’ gift

Posted: by Jo Tuesday, 1 June 2021 @ 10:41

Results day is around the corner for thousands of young people who are waiting for GCSE and A-level marks - and this year is more stressful than ever, with large gaps in school attendance, home schooling, and teacher assessments. The importance of the results seems magnified, the closer they get.

‘This will determine my whole life’, is how most of us think at the time.

Now we know that simply isn’t true. Exam results are one small part of how we will move forwards as we leave school.

Our attitude, resilience, work ethic, ability to build relationships, and our personal values, will have far more impact on how our lives pan out, and how we create our own happiness and success, than the scores we achieve in our exams.

But we don’t realise this yet. So one very good way of taking the pressure off is to celebrate with your child, in the days before they get their results, to let them know you're already proud of them.

An old boss of mine used to do exactly this. I worked in a marketing agency, and we would spend hours and hours, and many late nights, working on a pitch to a major prospective client. Once the pitch had been presented, it was an anxious wait for feedback to see if we had won the business or not.

My boss would get the whole team together, a day or two before we expected to hear from the client, and celebrate our efforts. Praise us for our great work, and brilliant ideas; thank us for the long hours spent late at night, getting the work finished; recognise our dedication, and reward our commitment.

No matter what the final outcome, we knew we were appreciated, we knew we had done a good piece of work, and that it had been noticed. 

So, have a special dinner at home, or take them out somewhere nice, or give them a small gift – in the few days before Results Day. Let them know how proud you are of them, how impressed with how hard they worked and how much they have progressed. With the right attitude and mind-set, they shine brightly – regardless of their results...

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