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Mantra Changes Lives

Charity Collaborations by Mantra Jewellery

At Mantra, we are committed to helping to make a positive change in the world, bringing more joy, kindness, support and empowerment to people who need it the most.

The ‘Mantra Changes Lives’ initiative works with charities and not-for-profit organisations to create jewellery to raise funds, show support, and build awareness for important causes.

Gandhi is widely accredited with saying, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’. While these weren’t his exact words, his sentiment was similar. He actually said, “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change”, suggesting that, if we take the lead by setting a good example, others will follow. 

So, we are aiming to set a good example. We want to help people and causes that we believe in – and we want to do it in a way that isn’t heavy-handed or preachy.  

We partner with charities that we believe are working hard to make the world a better place.  We create a mantra that links to their cause, and then design a beautiful piece of jewellery to bring it to life. 

We donate 25% of the selling price of that necklace to the charity. 

So far this year, we have created necklaces in aid of:

Smart Works

Believe in yourself. We do’.

Available now

A charity that helps disadvantaged women get back into work, by giving them a full outfit of interview clothes, along with a styling session, and one-to-one coaching to build their confidence before the interview.

Most of all, Smart Works gives women back their self-belief. 

We have also organised 'Clothing Drive' to collect high quality clothing and accessories for Smart Works in the past.

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The story behind the Smart Works charity partnership

Fashion Club x Smart Works

Personalised 'Believe' Necklaces


‘I am strong enough to stand alone, but wise enough to ask for help’.

Available now

MIND provides support and help to anyone suffering a mental health issue, and campaigns on their behalf. 

They encourage people suffering from mental health issues to speak out and ask for help, believing that “no one should have to face a mental health problem alone”.

This necklace reminds people that they are stronger than they realise, but also encourages them to talk about their feelings and seek help.            

Find out more about the work MIND carries out, by visiting them at MIND.

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Mantra Jewellery is delighted to be working with MIND, the Mental Health Charity

Team Mantra are running the Bath Half Marathon to raise money for MIND Charity

Bullying UK

‘In my words, thoughts and actions, I choose kindness’.

Available now

Bullying UK (part of Family Lives, the national family support charity) provides support to anyone affected by bullying, via a helpline and online advice, and encourages those affected by bullying to seek support.

Overcoming bullying can be one of the hardest things to do, and at Mantra, we want to help erase bullying by spreading positive messages.

Tallulah Lawson-Cresswell, Fundraising Officer for Family Lives, explains, “We are excited and proud to be working with Mantra Jewellery. This beautiful necklace will help to raise awareness of the issue, as well as spreading positivity and kindness. I think together we can make a real difference to people who are struggling with bullying.”

Read more:

Q&A with Tallulah Lawson-Cresswell

NEW Charity Necklace to raise money for, and awareness of, Bullying UK

When you buy one of our ‘Mantra Changes Lives’ pieces, to inspire yourself, or as a gift for someone else, 25% of the price of that piece goes to that charity. 

Help us to change someone’s life. 


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