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THE STORY BEHIND THE MANTRA: I stand with others to make a better world

Posted: Tuesday, 27 October 2020 @ 08:02

Inspiration for Together Necklace 

Our new charity necklace features the powerful word ‘Together’, above our signature lotus, and has the mantra, ‘I stand with others to make a better world’.

The on-going virus crisis this year has made many of us re-think the priorities in our lives, and we have had a deeper appreciation that the same things are important to all of us, whoever and wherever we are in the world – love, family, health, friendship, security. The year has also been marked by an awakening to the inequality which still exists in society for many people; and a real focus on the environment and the loss of our biodiversity. 

So – a seismic year. 

It feels like this had created a global wake-up call for all of us to recognise our similarities, and work together as one human race, rather than feeling alienated by our differences, to make the world a better place. We created the ‘Together’ Necklace because it feels like exactly the right time for it. 

The mantra celebrates this spirit of being an ally to those who are marginalised, and encourages us all to take action to improve the world. The idea is to use the mantra as a rallying call for yourself and others, to focus on making the world better for everyone.

While we were working on the necklace, I felt it really belonged in our charity collection, ‘Mantra Changes Lives’, as I wanted each purchase of it to actively drive initiatives forwards that make the world a better place. 

I approached Think Equal to be our charity partner, because of the incredible vision of the charity’s Founder, Leslee Udwin, to create a fair and equal world. 

Leslee is a film producer, best known for the BAFTA-winning East is East, and the powerfully compelling India’s Daughter documentary, about the horrific rape and murder of Jyoti Singh in Delhi in 2012. 

Making that film taught Leslee some fundamental truths about human behaviour, and the beliefs that are ingrained by culture and upbringing. She understood that prejudice and discriminatory behaviour will only truly end if we teach the next generation differently. 

Leslee saw that the only way to create generational change was to intervene at a very early stage in children’s lives, to teach them the social and emotional skills which will equip them to create a fairer and better world. 

Working with educational and behavioural experts, she put together curriculum-based learning to teach early years children the skills they need to become inclusive, fair-minded, thoughtful global citizens, to protect each other and the planet. 

Think Equal funds the establishment of pilot programmes in countries all over the world, using evidence and advocacy to encourage governments to take the project further. The vision is to build these teachings into curricula the world over. 

The programme teaches about care of the environment, the diversity of humanity, the ability to resolve conflict peacefully, how to manage one’s emotions, and how to be a thoughtful and considerate global citizen - all before the age of 6! 

For me, this incredible charity were the perfect partners for our new ‘Together’ necklace, which encourages us all to take action to improve the world. 

The necklace is priced at £45 in Sterling Silver and £55 in Yellow and Rose Gold-plated, with 25% of the selling price going to Think Equal. 

Together Charity Necklace for Think Equal Charity 


Pallavi wearing Think Equal Charity necklace Together - Think Equal Charity necklace Leslee Udwin for Mantra JewelleryGold Together - Think Equal Charity necklaceThink Equal Charity necklace Sterling Silver Together - Think Equal Charity necklace 

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