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 At Mantra, it's not just about beautiful jewellery but also joy, inspiration and celebration of life!

Read through our inspirational blogs as we share stories and ideas that we hope bring these feelings to life.

Dip in, and be inspired…

We are very excited to talk to Mel Wells for our series of talks with truly inspiring women. Mel is a bestselling author, TEDx speaker, and health and eating psychology coach. We have recently collaborated with Mel on two Mantra necklaces, which have just launched. Read more...
POSTED ON 31.07.18
July is proving a really exciting month in terms of taking several Mantra projects forwards. Read more to find out what Jo has to say about July in her latest Journal...
POSTED ON 19.07.18
We have recently created a new mantra and a new card design, for our Shooting Star necklace. It comes with the mantra - ‘May all your dreams come true’. Find out more...
POSTED ON 19.07.18
Solihull is the site of a new Breast Cancer Haven centre, which opened in October last year. We were lucky enough today to attend a special preview of their new gardens.
POSTED ON 18.07.18
Jo talks about June as a really good month here at Mantra, with ‘The Mindful Living Show’ being a highlight at the beginning of the month.
POSTED ON 18.07.18
We are absolutely thrilled to talk to Sarah Moss from Breast Cancer Haven for our series of talks with truly inspiring women. Sarah manages the new Breast Cancer Haven Centre for the West Midlands. She has helped so many women throughout her career, making a real difference to people’s lives. Read on to find out more...
POSTED ON 29.06.18
Our Love Mandala myMantra necklaces have a beautiful mandala design on the front with an option of engraving your own message at the back. Read more to find out the inspiration behind this design...
POSTED ON 25.06.18
There's something magical about the World Cup, steeped in the history and in the spirit, the world sits in wonder as the top athletes come together to compete for the medal! We'll be shouting loud for our amazing players, their hard work and dedication often goes unnoticed until the games arrives... so these ones are for you team England!       Self Belief MantraThere's no denying that being a player and competing for World cup takes serious hard work and dedication, but...
POSTED ON 19.06.18
In our Love collection, we have just launched the heartfelt mantra, ‘May our love keep us safe and strong’. This beautiful invocation is the perfect gift from your life partner, to celebrate your relationship and your life together. Or a lovely family message, from parent to daughter, or sister to sister.
POSTED ON 08.06.18
Our latest Mantra necklace in our Luck and Success collection is the Dragonfly – a graceful, elegant creature that everyone loves. The phrase, ‘Your wings already exist’, reminds someone of the skills they already have, while ‘all you have to do is fly’ is a gentle encouragement for them to have the confidence to put those skills into action. To represent this mantra, we chose a Dragonfly, and designed a delicate pendant to hang on our chain.
POSTED ON 07.06.18
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