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Here are our latest blog posts, to inspire and uplift. From stories about the thinking and ideas behind the mantras, to new product updates, to interviews and guides to help you choose a mantra, we hope we have something here to inspire you.

As March comes to an end, and the dawn of new freedoms is temptingly close – we really are in full-blown Spring now, and I am feeling a real sense of freedom, and excitement of what is to come….
POSTED ON 28.03.21
To celebrate Earth Day, and to recognise how lucky we are to have the natural world to escape into, here are some mantras to show our appreciation of nature, and to encourage us all to slow down and spend more time outside...
POSTED ON 28.03.21
Here are some mantras to channel that relaxed frame of mind, to help you escape back into those moments of peace and calm. Try to hang onto that sense of space and freedom, as you go back about your daily life.
POSTED ON 25.03.21
One of our long-standing charity partners is Bullying UK, part of the FAMILY LIVES charity. I was interested to speak to Ann Giles, one of the Helpline Volunteers at Family Lives, to find out what drew her to volunteer; and how she gets through the inevitable challenges she must face, especially in the current situation.
POSTED ON 22.03.21
April is Stress Awareness Month, intended to make us pay particular attention to ways of avoiding or managing stress. Read more...
POSTED ON 18.03.21
Aries is a fire sign, symbolised by the Ram. Named after the Greek God of War, those born under Aries (21st March- 19th April) are said to share many traits with their namesake, including ambition, sensuality and an incredibly strong will. Here are five mantras for an Aries, champion your positive traits and embrace your weaknesses…
POSTED ON 08.03.21
Those born under Pisces (19th February – 20th March) are truly selfless, and so make generous friends and lovers. Although this sign gives the illusion of naivety, those born under Pisces often possess wisdom beyond their years.
POSTED ON 01.03.21
As February draws to a close, at least we have more of a plan for coming out of lockdown, and life starting to get back to normal again. We can also see and feel that Spring is on its way, with lighter evenings and milder temperatures – so it really does seem like we are turning a corner now.
POSTED ON 25.02.21
One of our long-standing charity partners is PANDAS Foundation. I was excited to find out more about what drew Annie Belasco to work for PANDAS Foundation charity; what drives her day-to-day through the inevitable difficulties and challenges; and what her greatest desire is for the charity in 2021 and beyond.
POSTED ON 22.02.21
Here are some perfect mantras to celebrate your mum, this Mother’s Day – show her what she means to you and what she has done for you. Read on...
POSTED ON 15.02.21
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