At Mantra, we are committed to responsible and sustainable use of paper and packaging.

Our jewellery is presented on a beautiful printed card to keep, and packaged in a sturdy cardboard box to keep it safe. A Mantra brochure is also often sent out with our orders, and a sheet of inspirational stickers is included in the parcel.

Mantra Card and Brochure

The presentation card and the brochure are printed by Emmerson Press, a family-owned printing company in Warwickshire, on fully FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited paper, which is made from part-recycled paper products.

Of the fibre used to make paper by the European paper and pulp industry, 46% comes from woodpulp and 54% from recycled paper. The fibre from woodpulp comes directly from well-managed forests, if the paper is FSC-accredited - which means there is an audited chain from forest floor through to the customer.

Requirements of a well-managed forest include: compliance with national legislation, respect for local use rights, maintenance of the ecological functions of the forest and its biodiversity, economic viability, and the need for an adequate management plan and monitoring of operations.

Well-managed forests bring multiple benefits to society, such as livelihoods, ecosystem improvements, and biodiversity. European forests, from where Europe’s paper mills source over 90% of their wood fibre, have been growing by an equivalent of 1500 football pitches a day, and over 70% of this forest area is accredited.

Mantra Box

The Mantra box is produced by B Smith Packaging, based in Worcester. The box is made from part-recycled paper - around 40% recycled. BSP are part of Sedex, the international organisation helping companies manage responsible sourcing in their supply chain. Thousands of companies use Sedex to ensure high standards around labour rights, health & safety, the environment, and business ethics.

B Smith Packaging are also active members of Buy1Give1. B1G1 was launched in 2007 to create an effective way for organisations to give. High impact, close-to-the-ground projects are selected, assessed and monitored, and, using 100% of donations, over 700 global projects are supported. For every new order placed, BSP donates a percentage to Buy1Give1.

Paper Off-setting

In order to further off-set the paper we use in our packaging at Mantra, we are also signed up to a paper off-setting initiative with leading UK charity, Trees for Cities.

We calculate, annually, what our usage of paper products is, in terms of the presentation, packaging and despatch of our jewellery, in metric tonnes. For each one tree used, four new trees are planted each year.

In 2018/19, we are offsetting 0.2651 tonnes of paper with Trees for Cities - the amount of paper used each year to present and package our necklaces. Trees for Cities use an offset protocol that follows the 6 core principles outlined in ISO 14064-2:2006. The offset is verified, validated and certified by a third party company whose verification approach is aligned with ISO 14064-3:2006. 

There is always more we can do, but we hope that, by following these principles, we are working in the most sustainable way possible, while still delighting our customers.


Read more about where our jewellery is made.




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