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5 Mantras for Summer

Posted: by Sinade Friday, 8 July 2022 @ 17:11

Soak up summer!

We can't always guarantee there will be sun in a British summer but we can bring positivity and warm energy to all we do - bringing our own sunshine. Here are 5 mantras to help you do just that:

1. Fill the world with sunshine every day
Sun Mantra

The perfect mantra to kick us off - make a the choice to be the sunshine in your own life, and in other people’s lives. You can bring happiness, positivity and joy to people, no matter what they are going through, staying sunny and bright and upbeat.

2. Seek the sweet moments in every day
 Hummingbird Mantra

We don't all get a six week summer break, so use this mantra as a reminder to take a moment from what you’re doing, and don't let the beautiful things around you pass you by.


3. Do more of what makes you happy
Happiness Mantra

A simple mantra with a big meaning. Repeat this mantra throughout the summer, as a reminder to make time for activities that bring you joy and happiness. Go for that walk in the park, feel the sun on your face and make sure you dip your toes in the sea at the beach!


4. I do more than live life. I celebrate it
Celebrate Life Mantra

As we come out of the other side of the pandemic, there is a strong appreciation and gratitude for life itself, and a desire to joyously celebrate living. This mantra captures the feeling of gratitude and excitement that we have for simply being alive.


5. Take one day at a time
Take one day a time necklace

A reminder to slow down and not let the season pass you by. You don't have to have a summer packed full of events, or the whole summer off. You can find the joy in each individual day.

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