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Here are our guides to help you choose the perfect Christmas gift for your daughter, best friend or another loved one. Mantra Jewellery is inspring and uplifting, so makes a wonderfully thoughtful and personal gift. Read our hand-picked suggestions in the guides below. 

This year has seen our My Best Self series continue, talking to different women about how a mantra helps them step up to be their best selves in life. For many of us, a mantra, or set of inspiring words, can work to remind us of our values and beliefs, helping us choose our actions and reinforcing those beliefs. Over the year, we have spoken to Mantra customers, team members and friends, all of whom have a myMantra Necklace with their own personal mantra engraved. They shared stories about what the words mean them, and why they have them on their necklace.
POSTED ON 23.11.20
In this month’s ‘My Best Self’ story, we are talking to one of our Mantra team members, Pallavi, to find out about a mantra which means a lot to her. Pallavi is our eCommerce Manager, and has two young children. Read more...
POSTED ON 24.09.20
Our September interviewee is Elinor Perry, who is the owner of Pentlands’ Accountants and Advisors, a very well-respected and forward thinking accountancy firm. A strong and independent woman, Elinor has been through various challenges in her life, but always retains a powerful belief that anything is possible. This makes her empathetic and understanding, as well as bringing a positive and can-do approach to every situation. Read more...
POSTED ON 27.08.20
Our August mybestself interviewee is Surlender Pendress, a truly inspiring woman who is the founder of Love Writing Co, a brilliant company which creates age-appropriate pencils and other writing materials, making it easier, faster and more enjoyable for children to learn to write. Read more...
POSTED ON 28.07.20
In this month’s ‘My Best Self’ story, Jo is talking to one of her Mantra team members, Sinade, to find out about two mantras which mean a lot to her. Find out more...
POSTED ON 26.06.20
In this month’s My Best Self story, we are talking to Sandra Garlick, a remarkable woman who runs the ‘Woman Who’ network, which encourages and supports women in business, and who was awarded an MBE last year for her work. Read on...
POSTED ON 26.05.20
In this month’s My Best Self story, we are talking to one of our Mantra team members, Anna, to find out about two mantras which mean a lot to her. Read on...
POSTED ON 23.04.20
In this month’s My Best Self story, we are celebrating our great friend and collaborator, Holly Matthews, whose down-to-earth positivity is just what we need right now. Read more and be inspired...
POSTED ON 31.03.20
This year sees a fourth year of our My Best Self campaign. The idea is to share stories about how we can all step up and be our best selves. We often have a choice in life as to how we act, react or behave, and I am fascinated by what prompts us to make the right choices to be the best version of ourselves in those moments. Here, Jo interviews Alex Pearce, Financial Advisor.
POSTED ON 26.02.20
As the year draws to an end and a new one begins, it is time to look back on our 2019 campaign, ‘My Best Self’, and reflect on what we have learnt.
POSTED ON 30.12.19
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