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My Best Self - The Compass

Posted: by Jo Thursday, 28 April 2022 @ 15:44

This year sees a sixth year of our My Best Self campaign, which we kicked off when we first launched Mantra in 2016.

The idea is to share stories about how we can all step up and be our best selves. For me, having a mantra – a memorable set of words – in a given moment can really help to change our thoughts and our behaviours. That is why I created Mantra Jewellery – to bring together inspiring words and a tangible reminder, in a beautiful piece of jewellery.

This year, we are sharing stories and examples from some of you, our lovely customers, about why you chose a particular mantra.

We hear your stories when we come to events, and you tell us why you have chosen that specific mantra; when you phone us up to ask for advice; when you message us on Live Chat, to get our opinion; or when you give us a review on Feefo and you tell us what the gift was for. Or when you explain the message which you’d like us to write on the card.

We will never identify who you are; or use your name in a story. We absolutely don’t want to embarrass you, or intrude on your privacy. But we do want to share your lovely kindness, your belief in a friend, your love for your daughter, your support for a colleague  – to inspire others with your thoughtfulness.

If you’d like to contribute to our year-long campaign, then please drop us an email with your story, to enquiries@mantrajewellery.co.uk, with the subject line – ‘Sharing a Story’. We’d love to hear from you – and we promise to share all stories anonymously.


‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams’ – The Compass

The Compass necklace re-launched in 2018 with a new design, after being part of our collection since we first launched. The new design enables a short engraving on the reverse, to make it even more personal and unique.

The mantra itself was written as a message of encouragement to follow your dreams, and stay true to yourself and your own path.

Compass Necklace

The words are adapted from lines by American essayist and naturalist, Henry David Thoreau, who wrote that, if you go confidently in the direction of your dreams, and lives the life which you have imagined, then you will be happier and more successful than most people.

We brought this encouraging and inspiring message to life as a small compass – a sailor’s most prized possession, to take him on his adventures, but also, to bring him home safely.

Since we launched the Compass, it has proven extremely popular as a birthday gift, a travel and bon voyage gift, and a leaving present - but we have also seen it bought for lots of other occasions.


Here are just a few examples from your stories –

Mantras for Encouragement


Encouragement: We have seen the Compass given as a reminder to stay true to one’s own beliefs and values

New Job or New Business: It has also been used several times as a gift for starting out on a new career, or launching a new business, as it gives a message of such optimism and positivity as a new project starts

Mantras for University

University or Graduation: The Compass has made a fabulous gift for someone setting out on a degree, or about to graduate, to remind them to keep following those dreams

Leaving Gift: We have seen the Compass given as a leaving gift, to wish someone best of luck on their new adventures, and encourage them to follow their dreams

Retirement: The Compass has also made a lovely retirement gift, reminding us that it is never too late to follow our dreams


Positivity: The mantra about going confidently after our dreams has also been used to cheer someone up and bring a shot of positivity, when things haven’t gone to plan. It works as a reminder to stay true to your own values, and remember that your dreams are still waiting for you

Birthdays: To celebrate almost every age-range of birthday, from 18th to 70th, the Compass has been a popular choice. It has been especially popular for a ‘coming of age’ birthday, to set someone off into adult life with an inspiring message 


And here are just a few excerpts of the thoughtful messages you have asked us to write on the accompanying card:


Compass Gift Message

Always believe in yourself, I'm so proud of you. Lots of love xx’

'Always follow your heart and your dreams. With lots of love xxx’

‘Congratulations! We are so proud of you, you really do deserve this. Just always keep being you. With all our love xx’

Compass Gift Message

“‘Good luck on your travels, I hope you have the most amazing time! Love you loads xxx’

‘My courageous adventurer living life to the max x’

‘I hope this will guide you wherever you go in life. Lots of love always and forever, Mum xx’

Compass Gift Message

‘Never doubt you were born to do great things xxx’

‘Wishing you safe travels and happy adventures! Lots of love xxx’

‘Keep yourself safe and follow your heart. Love ALWAYS and forever Mum and Dad xxx’

Compass Gift Message

‘Trust in your own instincts, go in your own direction, be who you are. You are enough xx’

‘Wishing my dear friend lots of love on the next chapter of your journey x’

‘Wishing you both lots of love and happiness on the next part of your journey together xxx’

Mantra Compass Necklace


So – choose the Compass to give heartfelt and powerful encouragement to someone to follow their dreams and live their boldest life.


View our Compass Collection here

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