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My Best Self - The Sunflower

Posted: by Jo Friday, 25 March 2022 @ 14:29

This year sees a sixth year of our My Best Self campaign, which we kicked off when we first launched Mantra in 2016.

The idea is to share stories about how we can all step up and be our best selves. For me, having a mantra – a memorable set of words – in a given moment can really help to change our thoughts and our behaviours. That is why I created Mantra Jewellery – to bring together inspiring words and a tangible reminder, in a beautiful piece of jewellery.

This year, we are sharing stories and examples from some of you, our lovely customers, about why you chose a particular mantra.

We hear your stories when we come to events, and you tell us why you have chosen that specific mantra; when you phone us up to ask for advice; when you message us on Live Chat, to get our opinion; or when you give us a review on Feefo and you tell us what the gift was for. Or when you explain the message which you’d like us to write on the card.

We will never identify who you are; or use your name in a story. We absolutely don’t want to embarrass you, or intrude on your privacy. But we do want to share your lovely kindness, your belief in a friend, your love for your daughter, your support for a colleague  – to inspire others with your thoughtfulness.

If you’d like to contribute to our year-long campaign, then please drop us an email with your story, to enquiries@mantrajewellery.co.uk, with the subject line – ‘Sharing a Story’. We’d love to hear from you – and we promise to share all stories anonymously.


‘Life is better with you in it’ – The Sunflower

This necklace launched in Summer 2021, as part of our thinking about mantras that people might want as we came through the second year of the pandemic.

The mantra was written as a message of love and deep appreciation for someone who makes your life better, who brings a smile to your face, and joy to your heart. This could be a family member or best friend – or it could be someone you have come to know more recently, who has helped you.

Sunflower necklace

The simple but powerful words – ‘Life is better with you in it’ – describe exactly how you feel about that special person in your life.

We brought this warm and positive mantra to life as a Sunflower because it is one of those flowers that cannot help but make you smile!

Because Sunflowers look like the sun, and are ‘heliotropic’ - which means that they turn to follow the sun when young - they are always thought of as a happy flower, associated with sunshine. In mythology, they symbolise love and longevity.



Since we launched the Sunflower, it has proven extremely popular as a birthday and Mother’s Day gift, but we have also seen it bought for lots of other occasions.

Here are just a few examples from your stories –

Mantras for Friendship

Friendship: We have seen it gifted between friends, to mark many decades of friendship, or to stay thank them for being there through a particularly difficult time

Love: The Sunflower is often picked as an anniversary or birthday gift from a partner, to show how much happiness they bring to their loved one

Encouragement: We have seen the Sunflower given as a reminder of someone’s amazing strengths and talents, when they are feeling down. The mantra reminds them that they have a lot to offer – that life is much better with them in it

Mother's Day: We have seen the Sunflower be gifted as a mantra of love and appreciation, for a mum or stepmum, to thank them for all that they do

Mantras for Birthdays

Birthdays: To celebrate birthdays from 18th to 50th, the Sunflower has been a popular choice

Leaving Gift: We have seen the Sunflower gifted as a leaving gift, to thank someone for being such an important part of a team’s life, and to wish them well in their next move

Appreciation: The Sunflower is a lovely message of appreciation, and we have seen it used as a thank you in many different situations

Care: We have seen it given to thank someone for caring for a loved one, and for being there for them during such tough times


Positivity: The Sunflower is often chosen as a message of uplifting positivity, just to let someone know what a difference they make to the world

Tough Times: We have seen the Sunflower used to reassure someone that difficult times will pass; and that they will get back to being their happy self again


And here are just a few excerpts of the thoughtful messages you have asked us to write on the accompanying card:


“Thank you for always being there for me, and getting me through this sad time in my life. Love you. I wouldn’t have got through it without you xx”

Mantra Sunflower Message

“Love you so much. Thanks for being an amazing stepmum xxx”

“We met by fate all those years ago, having our first child, and here we are, 31 years on still friends, still connected”

Mantra Sunflower Message

“I want you to know you are not a burden. When you feel lost, numb, scared and like all hope has gone, you have this necklace to know that I care for you, I am here for you and I love you. Life is always better with you in it.”

“You're the best friend I could ever ask for. Having you in my life has made a massive difference. Thank you for everything you do for me.”

Miss you sunflower message

"Thank you for being such an amazing friend.”

“When I was trying to write this message, I struggled to explain what makes you are such an amazing friend and person, so I composed a list. Here goes: Honesty, generosity, kindness, loyalty, dependability thoughtfulness, presence, listening, openness, acceptance, humour, helpfulness, wisdom, strength, positivity. Thank you for being a wonderful friend.”

Sunflower Friendship message

“You are my Sunflower! The kindness mantra, because life is better with you in it.”

Sunflower Necklace


So – choose the Sunflower to give a heartfelt and powerful thank you to someone for being there for you; to show how much having someone in your life means to you; to cheer someone up who is feeling a little lonely or adrift; or to remind someone of their amazing qualities


View our Sunflower Collection here

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