Would you like to commission Mantra to create something for you?

At Mantra, we love working with like-minded brands to create pieces specifically for them. 

We particularly love individuals and brands that champion women, supporting and encouraging female achievement and empowerment; and brands in the wellbeing and mindfulness sectors. Get in touch if you have an idea you’d like to discuss with us. Our minimum order is 30 pieces, for us to create your own, very special, design. 

It could be a thoughtful gift for your loyal clients or contributors; an inspiring prize for your award winners; a well done for your students or graduates; a lovely way of thanking your team; or a meaningful reminder for guests on your retreat. 

Here are some examples of recent commissions:

Mantra Collaboration with Ila SpaMantra Collaboration with Elan SpaInspire Necklace for Woman Who Awards

Ila Spa

Ila provides women with the best all natural, organic skin care products that make them feel great on the outside. Ila aims to nurture the soul on a very profound level, nourishing your energy through your skin.

Ila asked us to create a Mantra necklace for them. We suggested their signature lotus mandala be engraved onto one side, and then they chose one of their mantras - ‘love and be loved’ - to go on the reverse.

The result is a beautiful piece, available directly from Ila. 

Elan Spa

Elan Spa is a peaceful retreat where you can de-stress in sublime, state of the art facilities whilst gazing over quintessential English gardens. Indulge in spa rituals that will rebalance mind, body and spirit, taking you on an unforgettable voyage of the senses.

Elan asked us to create a Mantra necklace that would capture their essence. They wanted their beautiful rose swirl engraved onto the front of the necklace, but wanted ideas for the mantra itself.

We created the inspiring mantra, ‘Renew my mind, refresh my body, inspire my spirit’, and suggested the words ‘Be inspired’ on the back of the pendant.

The result is an inspiring piece, available directly from Elan Spa. 

Woman Who Awards

We created a necklace for the ‘Woman Who’ awards. Awarded to successful and up-and-coming businesswomen and women in education and training, the awards particularly recognise women who inspire other women.

We created a Sterling Silver disc pendant, inscribed with the powerful word, ‘Inspire’, above our iconic lotus, and with ‘Woman Who...Achieves [year]’ engraved on the reverse. The powerful mantra is a call to action, and a commitment - ‘Let me inspire others as they inspire me’.

Take a look at our Gallery for Inspiration.

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