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Mantras for Happiness

Posted: by Jo Friday, 30 April 2021 @ 12:54

We are through the worst, and life is opening up again. Let’s enjoy these new feelings – optimism, positivity, happiness – and greet these new opportunities with a smile on our faces and gratitude in our hearts.

Here are our favourite Mantras for Happiness:

Do more of what makes you happy
mantra happiness bar necklace
A brilliant mantra to remind us that we are in control of our own state of mind. If we know what the things are that make us happy, and we prioritise them, and plan our free time around them – then we can build far more happiness into our lives.


Be happy. Be bright. Be you.
mantra be happy necklace
A mantra to remind us to be ourselves, and not to let other people drag us down. If you are a naturally positive and upbeat person, don’t let others suck that out of you with their negative mindset. ‘You do you’ is another way of saying this – be true to yourself, and be happy and relaxed in your own skin.


Fill the world with sunshine every day
mantra sun necklace
A reminder that it is within our control to be happy and upbeat, and to spread positivity and joy. Think before you speak – and make your comments positive and helpful, not negative. Don’t spread bad news stories or negative opinions. Go out of your way to find nice things to say, and aim to be the person who brings lightness, laughter and love to the situation or the room.


I am exactly where I’m supposed to be
mantra feather necklace

I absolutely love this mantra as a way of bringing calm and peace of mind to your life. We can often feel anxious about our lives, worrying that we haven’t achieved what we had hoped; or aren’t in the job, relationship or financial situation that we had envisaged, by this point in our lives. If we can reassure ourselves that this is part of a bigger plan, and trust that life will find a way of working things out, then we can take much of the worry and stress out of our life, and open our minds to new possibilities.


Seek the sweet moments in life
mantra hummingbird necklace

A reminder to consciously look out for small moments of happiness and joy in every day, to make your life happier. Happiness is often the accumulation of several small moments, rather than one big bang of joy – and it is up to us to be open to these moments. Rather than rushing through life on autopilot, we need to take the time to notice the small things and pay attention to what makes us smile and laugh.


Surrender to the festival of life
mantra surrender necklace

I love this mantra as a reminder to let go and just go with the flow. Stop trying to control all aspects of your life, and second guess the outcome of each event or situation. Let go of expectations, let go of control – and just enjoy what life brings you.  


Laugh often and much
mantra laugh often necklace

A plea to find things in life that make you laugh. Laughter is good for us. It boosts our mood, and creates a flow of endorphins. Seek things out that make you laugh – movies, books, stand-up comedians, tv programmes, people. You will feel better for it, and life will seem much more fun and light-hearted.


I hold onto hope, I trust in tomorrow
mantra nhs necklace

Another brilliant reminder to try very hard to adopt a positive and optimistic attitude to life. If we can find a way of hanging onto positive emotions like hope, trust, faith, belief and excitement, our lives will be better for it. Living our lives from a place of optimism and hope makes for a happier and lighter life than one where our dominant emotions are mistrust, fear and negativity. Even if we are sometimes disappointed in life, the good emotions will far outweigh the bad.


I attract only good things
mantra lucky symbols necklace

A great affirmation to draw positivity and happiness into your life. We may not be able to control what happens to us in life, but we can change our attitude towards it, and open ourselves up to looking out for good things happening around us. Keep an open-minded and positive approach and a can-do mindset, and you will be far more likely to notice the good things around you.


Use our Happiness Mantras to remind you of the mindset and emotional state that you are aiming for in life. Maybe not all the time, but as much of the time as possible – let’s keep our faces to the sunshine and a ready smile on our faces, to greet life with gratitude, lightness and optimism.

Jo xx


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