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7 Jewellery Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Posted: by Sinade Friday, 17 May 2024 @ 14:29

Mantra Jewellery makes a wonderful gift for a yoga lover - it enables you to carry your intentions off the mat and into your daily life.

Each piece of Mantra Jewellery represents a powerful mantra, or positive phrase, to repeat to yourself through the day as you hold onto your jewellery. Use it to give you a few moments of peace, stillness and mindfulness, during a busy day. 

With International Yoga Day on the horizon (21st June), we've chosen 7 mantras that are perfect for yoga lovers...


Be still, be present, be mindful

Mindful Necklace 

This was one of our first disc necklaces in our collection. It is a beautiful reminder to just slow down, stay in the present moment, and notice what is going on around you. 


Today, I will breathe deeper. Exhale slower. Find the stillness within

Breathe Bracelet

Take a moment during your day to be still and just breathe. Inhale, exhale. Deep breaths centre us, ground us, and connect us back to ourselves. Hold onto your necklace and slow everything down. 


I create balance in my life

Balance Necklace 

This mantra invites you to re-address the balance in our lives and to ensure we are prioritising the right things. We used the Yin-Yang to bring this message to life, as it represents all the opposing and complementary forces in our lives. 


I am grounded, centred, connected

Root chakra necklace

This is a wonderful yoga mantra. The Root Chakra (Muladhara in Sanskrit), sits at the base of our spine. Its energy is responsible for stability, security, and being grounded. Repeat the mantra to feel calm and connected to the world around you.


Be the best version of you

lotus symbol necklace

Just as the Lotus Flower flourishes anew each morning, rising through the muddy waters to always be at its brightest and purest, so we can all be the best version of ourselves. How we respond and how we behave in our lives is our choice – wear this mantra to remind you to always choose the right way. 


My body achieves what my mind believes 

 Body and Mind Necklace

Some yoga asanas can be difficult and challenging, and we can feel pressure to get them ‘right’ when we are in a yoga class. With a calm mindset, regular practise, and full acceptance of the differences in all our bodies - we can astonish ourselves with how much we are capable of.


Peace comes from within

buddha necklace

 A lovely mantra to bring to mind when sitting in Easy pose on our mat. The key is to carry that thought throughout our busy lives, remembering that it is from within ourselves we will find the happiness and contentment that we seek, not from external factors. Our yoga practice can help us live this. 


Mantra Lotus

Choose a mindful piece of jewellery from Mantra Jewellery as the perfect gift for the yoga lover in your life.

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