Balance Necklace, Yin-Yang | Sterling Silver, Gold & Rose Gold

Happiness and Wellbeing Mantra: I create balance in my life

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✔ In stock
✔ In stock
  • 925 Sterling Silver or 18ct Gold-plated Silver
  • 18-20" / 45-50 cms Chain
  • Engravable/Personalisable

This beautiful Disc Necklace uses the ancient Yin Yang symbol, to represent the mantra, ‘I create balance in my life’.

If you feel in need of more balance in your life, or you have managed to achieve a new level of balance, this mantra celebrates and supports that intention. We used the Yin-Yang to bring this message to life, as it represents the opposing yet complementary forces in our lives. 

Perfect gift as an encouraging mantra for a friend or loved one | a celebration of your own intentions | a gift that gives encouragement

The Coronavirus crisis has made many of us feel the desire to re-address the balance of our lives, to ensure we are prioritising the right things. It can be easy to let life get out of balance, as opposing forces pull us in seemingly different directions.

The principle of Yin and Yang is that life is made up of opposite forces which are both complementary and opposing. Its philosophy is 3,500 years old, influencing Taoism and Confucianism. We use the symbol to represent the idea of a life lived in balance, managing the competing demands on our time, attention and emotions. It also represents the fluidity and connectedness of life, as neither side is ever out of balance.

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The disc is made from 925 Sterling Silver, and also comes plated in either 18 carat Gold or Rose Gold. Wear your 'Balance' mantra to remind you that life is a continuous juggle of differing needs, but that you are the only one with the power to decide on the right balance for you. 

This is one of our personalised necklaces. Your message can be engraved on the reverse of the pendant


Chain Length: 18-20" / 45-50 cms Chain

Available in: 925 Sterling Silver, Gold and Rose Gold plating


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