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Q&A with Rory Field - Trees for Cities

Posted: by Jo Tuesday, 29 June 2021 @ 11:26

Inspired to be their best selves

Over the last 4 years, we have been running our #mybestself campaign, to learn from different women about what makes them step up to be their best self in any given situation.

In 2021, we decided to focus on a particular audience, to understand what drives them: the women and men who set up or work in the charities which we support through our ‘Mantra Changes Lives’ initiative. Does it take a particular kind of person to devote their working life to helping people? Is it a calling? Or did an event occur in their lives which drew them to this work?

I’m sure we will get 12 different answers from 12 different people, and I am fascinated to find out what those answers are. Stay with me through the year as I interview some remarkable people who work in the charitable or not-for-profit sector, who are changing lives every day. They are people who have truly stepped up to be their best selves.

One of our long-standing charity partners is Trees for Cities. 

I was excited to find out more about what drew Rory Field to work for Trees for Cities charity; what drives him day-to-day through the inevitable difficulties and challenges; and what his greatest desire is for the charity in 2021 and beyond.

Rory Field from Trees for Cities for Mantra Jewellery  mantra x trees for cities

Jo: Tell me a little about the charity’s aims?

Rory: Trees for Cities is the only UK charity working nationally and internationally to improve lives through quality green spaces. We get stuck in with local communities whether it be planting and caring for trees, growing food with children, or generally improving our public green spaces for everyone to enjoy.    

Jo: And tell me – what was it that prompted you to join Trees for Cities?

Rory: I have always been an outdoors person. I have done quite well in outdoor sports and generally really enjoy quality outdoor spaces. I love trees and I am very lucky to live across the road from a woodland (which my little boy calls 'our woodland':-).  

Jo: What does the charity hope to achieve in 2021, and longer term?

Rory: There is an urgent need for trees and quality green spaces. The trees that we plant now are going to be there when our children grow up and probably for generations to come. We would like 'now' to be the generation for tree planting, for the good of us all, the next and future generations.  

Jo: There must be innumerable challenges – logistical, political, financial, emotional – to delivering on the charity’s aims, especially now with the impact of Covid. How do you stay motivated and focused, through all of that?

Rory: I believe we have all benefited from good quality green spaces local to us throughout COVID.  Spending time outdoors and particularly amongst trees improves our mental and physical health; it makes us healthier and happier. I certainly have benefitted from that, and that is really just a couple of the many benefits of trees. They are immensely important for us and a healthy environment. That’s what keeps me motivated. 

Jo: Did you plan, when you set out in your career, that this is what you would be doing?

Rory: Well, not far off. I studied business and started out in sport management. I volunteered at a charity and before long I was working full time for the charity and volunteering in sport management. The charities I have worked for have always been ones that I identify with very strongly, none more so than Trees for Cities.  

Jo: Do you have a mantra, or positive phrase, that you live your life by?  

Rory: Do my best by and for others, as well as myself. Success breeds success.  

Our Mantra Collaboration

We are helping to support Trees for Cities’ vital work, by donating 25% of the sales of our ‘Breathe’ Necklace to them.

mantra x trees for cities necklace

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