Our new charity necklace, the Third Eye Chakra, in aid of PANDAS

We are delighted to be launching a new charity collaboration necklace, even in these challenging times. 

Our new Third Eye Chakra Necklace has been created in collaboration with PANDAS Foundation, providers of pre- and post-natal mental health support, as part of our Mantra Changes Lives charity initiative. 

We will be donating 25% of the sales of this necklace to PANDAS.  

Third Eye Chakra Necklace for PANDAS Charity 

The mantra is ‘I trust my intuition. I call upon my inner strength’, and is intended as a message to women everywhere. We know that we have a deep reservoir of inner strength that has got us this far in life, and we know that we will continue to thrive, if we follow our instincts and do what feels right. Deep inside us is a well of knowledge that we can instinctively access, if we listen closely.  

We were approached to help PANDAS by one of our most loyal customers, Claire Gradwell. Having herself experienced post-natal depression, Claire is a volunteer for PANDAS, and asked me if we would consider them as a charity partner. They do great work to support women’s maternal mental health, with online and telephone support available provided by trained volunteers.  

Claire came up to our Mantra office for a brainstorm and planning session, towards the end of 2019. She had already given a lot of thought as to how women feel when they get pregnant and give birth, and the kind of hopeful and supportive messages they would want to hear.  

She explained that new mums feel exhausted and overwhelmed, as well as excited. Other people are keen to give advice, but these well-meaning opinions can sometimes seem intrusive or interfering. What mums need is support and reassurance, to build their confidence and belief in their own abilities, and help to rediscover their own strength.  

As a charity, this support is what PANDAS seeks to provide. Third Eye Charity Necklace

Between us, we created the mantra, ‘I trust my intuition. I call upon my inner strength’, to act as reassurance, and a reminder of how strong women are.  

We based our design on the Third Eye Chakra, or Ajna in Sanskrit, which is situated in the brow. The energy of this Chakra allows us to access our inner guidance that comes from the depths of our being, as we access deeper truths, seeing beyond the things in front of us. 

We created this as one of our Symbol Necklaces, designed to bring the mantra to life in a more subtle and secret way than one of our word pieces, priced at £25.  

25% of the sales of this necklace will go to PANDAS, to help their work. 

Read more:

Q&A with Annie Belasco - PANDAS Foundation


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