Bee Bracelet | Sterling Silver

Luck and Success Mantra: Hard work brings sweet rewards

Sterling Silver Bumble Bee Bracelet
Sterling Silver Bumble Bee Bracelet
Bumble Bee Bracelet Gifts for her
Bumble Bee Bracelet - Congratulations Gift
Personalised letterbox size gift boxes
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  • 925 Sterling Silver
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  • 7-7.5" / 18-19 cms

The bumblebee is known for hard work and dedication, working tirelessly for the greater good of the group. Wear this as a reminder to keep working hard, safe in the knowledge that hard work and dedication always pay dividends, and you will be rewarded for it in time.

Perfect as a university or study gift | new job | setting up a business.

Presented on a beautiful card to keep, with an inspiring image on the front, and space on the back for your personal message. This 925 Sterling Silver bracelet is the perfect gift for someone that is about to start a new job or university, or is in the middle of studying, to remind them to keep going - hard work always pays off. 

Mantras are powerful phrases, written to make a positive impact on our feelings. A mantra motivates and inspires us; it energises and calms us. Often, it builds our belief in ourselves. Take hold of your jewellery when you are wearing it, and say the mantra a few times, to give yourself a moment of space, calm and focus. 

We designed Mantra Jewellery to create a timeless and very personal way of being inspired by your mantra, whether you buy it for yourself or were given it as a gift. Wear your Mantra Jewellery to feel inspired and joyful each day.


Chain Length: 7-7.5" / 18-19 cms

Available in: 925 Sterling Silver

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Letterbox friendly packaging - fits into your letterbox

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