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My Best Self December Round-Up

Posted: by Jo Tuesday, 4 December 2018 @ 14:16

At Mantra, we always believe in learning from other women and hearing their stories.

Many women have a mantra that sees them through life, and helps them change their mindset when things are tough. Others have fascinating stories of what drives and motivates them in life, that we can learn from.

Throughout 2018, we have been interviewing remarkable women about their mantras; their beliefs; and what drives them forwards.

We kicked off the year with an interview with the powerhouse that is Julie Montagu – yoga teacher, bestselling author, mum to four children, tv presenter and much more. Julie amazes me with how much she crams into her life, while still prioritising her  family. The mantra that she lives her life by is, 'She needed a hero, so that's what she became'. Sometimes in life, Julie recognises that we have to step up and be our own hero.

Julie Montagu for Mantra Jewellery

We met many other truly inspirational women as the year went on, including mum to five children, Sabrina Ben Salmi – herself a busy entrepreneur, but who is also bringing her children up with a strong spirit of entrepreneurship and helping the community.

Holly Matthews was also a real inspiration to me, when I interviewed her in June. A successful actress with a young family, Holly’s life took a very different turn when her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumour. When he died last year, Holly somehow managed to stay positive and forward-looking, and now runs inspiring ‘Happy Me’ workshops to help others focus on the positives in life. 

Holly has several mantras that help her through life…but one that sticks out is 'Whatever it takes’. At every stage of my husband having cancer, we would say this, and I believe it will get me through everything. Whatever I need to do to create and continue to live my best life, I shall do. Whatever it takes to get there.”

We went on to interview other wellbeing experts over the year, including Mel Wells - bestselling author, TEDx speaker, and health and eating psychology coach; and Emma Heathcote James, founder of organic soap brand, Little Soap Company.

Emma’s mantras for life are focused on moving forwards and changing: ‘Yes, I can’ and ‘Sometimes things must change so you can change’; while Mel has collaborated with us on creating two Mantra necklaces, focused on helping women to value themselves more.

‘You are a goddess. You are worthy of great love’ is one of her powerful self-love mantras.

Mel Wells with Jo Stroud

We have loved meeting so many inspiring women over the last 12 months, and learning from them. Every single one has at least one mantra they live by – powerful words which help keep them focused and on track; or which sum up their beliefs and values.

Learning from other women reminds and reassures us that we can get there too. It illuminates different ways forward and different approaches, and sparks ideas. It also inspires us to live up to their example, and be our best selves. 

Come back in the New Year to find out about our new 2019 campaign to be our best selves. 

And in the meantime – have a wonderful end to the year, enjoy the festive season, and suspend your disbelief for a few weeks, embracing the mantra, ‘All things are possible if you believe’.  Jo xx



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