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7 ways to empower our fellow females

Posted: Wednesday, 22 March 2017 @ 09:33


This month we’re celebrating empowerment in our year of #mybestself – feeling empowered can include feeling braver in ourselves, making strong decisions and supporting other women in our lives in any way we can. Here are some ideas of how you can empower the women around you and yourself…














1. Don’t Compare

Everyone is so different, everyone has different lives and different opinions so try not to be so quick to judge and pass comment. Practise empathy and try to truly understand their point of view or their actions, we never know exactly what someone else is going through so don’t jump to judgement so quickly. Don’t agree? Don’t worry.

2. Don’t Condemn

We all make mistakes, have bad days, say the wrong thing or react badly to a situation. Don’t write someone off because of one action, moment or day, move on, and positively move forward.

3. Don’t Compete

Sometimes you’re ahead sometimes you’re behind, the race is long, but in the end it’s only with yourself (thank you Baz Luhrman) but boy is it true. Don’t let negative thoughts enter your head about another person, somebody else doing well is not you doing badly. This opportunity wasn’t meant for you, but the next one will be.














1. Do Celebrate

Let’s celebrate our achievements more. Whether that’s your friend running the marathon, your colleague slaying it at work. Let them know you think they’re amazing, brighten their day, don’t shy away from praise and make it as public as possible (as long as it’s appropriate)

2. Do Compliment

In the days of social media there are far too many negative comments flying around. Make it your place to tell someone they are beautiful, that their photo or phrase has brightened your day, that you respect their achievements, spread the female love whether you know them or not.

3. Do Correct

If you hear a derogatory comment about another women don’t go along with the crowd. Be the one to stick up for her, regardless of the audience and her presence. If we all make a point to speak out, then misogyny, prejudice and sexism will be drowned out.


Cheer for yourself, cheer for others, inspire the next generation, praise your colleagues, be a support network. Set your own goals and celebrate when you achieve them, send your friend a gift because she’s got through a tough time, let someone know they inspire you. Praise, celebrate and cheer your fellow women.

It’s a tough political landscape out there, never has there been a more important time to stop putting down and start rising above and beyond!  

We'd love to hear your stories of empowerment, tag us on instagram with #mybestself in April for your chance to win 'The body achieves what the mind believes' mantra... 


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