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My Best Self – new campaign for 2018

Posted: by Jo Wednesday, 16 May 2018 @ 13:18

Throughout 2018, would you like to find out about truly remarkable women who could prove to be inspirational role models for yourself? Hear their stories, learn of their struggles, understand how they got to where they did, and be inspired in your own life? 

We’ve gathered together a number of inspirational women, who are going to share with us over the year who their roles models and heroines are.

Role models serve so many brilliant purposes in life:

  • They remind and reassure us that we can get there too
  • They illuminate different ways forward and different approaches
  • They spark ideas for solutions and opportunities
  • They keep us motivated and positive, when the going gets tough
  • And they truly inspire us to live up to their example, and be our best selves

So, our #mybestself campaign in 2018 is all about role models. About finding people whose character, life and attitude can shine a light into our own, to give us a joyful and inspiring example to be our best selves. 

Stay with us over the year to read the stories of these inspiring women, and share your stories with us on social media of who inspires you. 


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