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My Best Self - February

Posted: by Jo Monday, 28 January 2019 @ 09:53

This year, our ‘My Best Self’ campaign to become better versions of ourselves continues, with a focus on a different mantra each month, to see what we can learn from it. 

As February is the month of love, the mantra for this month is:

‘I love and am loved'

The reason we chose this mantra is to emphasise the reciprocal nature of love. It is something to both give and receive, but not to expect.

To have an open heart, and to be willing to love others, is a sign of our humanity. It is what makes life worth living, and gives real depth and meaning to our lives. And to be loved – by a partner, our family, our friends – is something to be deeply appreciated, and never taken for granted. 

love mantra

In the run up to Valentine’s Day, it is easy to focus on romantic love above all else. And this is really important – we all want a special person to share our lives with. 

But there are so many forms of love to be welcomed, celebrated and valued. Love from our family; love from our friends; and the love that describes our passions in life – art, gardening, dancing, reading, travelling. Things that excite and move us; things we feel deeply about. 

Love for others is encouraged across religions and cultures. Our relationships with others are what make us human. From respecting and honouring other points of view, to looking with kindness and understanding on strangers; to finding shared commonalities and similarities, rather than looking for differences. These are all forms of love.  

There is also lot of talk about self-love these days. This doesn’t mean being big-headed or conceited, or holding too high an opinion of ourselves. It means liking and respecting ourselves. Believing we are worthy, and of value. Taking care of ourselves and not being so hard on ourselves.

Because, only if we respect ourselves do we realise that we are worthy of love. And this brings us real comfort, reassurance and hope. It gives us confidence in ourselves, and confidence in the future. 

So, consider love in its broadest aspect. 

Think about the love you have for yourself, as well as love for others. Call to mind your passions and what sets your soul on fire. Celebrate the love between you and your friends, and the closeness of family bonds.

See this mantra – ‘I love and am loved’ - as a clear celebration of all the love in the world. As a call to action to open your heart and soul to love in all its forms. Share your thoughts with us on this month’s mantra, and let us know what you are doing to live this mantra.

Wear this loving mantra every day, to remind yourself of the importance of love, or gift it to someone you love. Our Love Bar Necklace is 15% off this month.

love bar necklace





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