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5 DIY date night ideas

Posted: by Rhian Monday, 30 January 2017 @ 17:00

Chances are you’ve seen a ridiculously over the top gesture online today, a bow around a brand new  car, tickets to a far flung destination or a pair of swoon worthy shoes with a designer price tag. Whilst these gifts are pretty impressive, we don’t all have the bank balance to back them up. So here are our favourite little gestures that are full of thought and low on cost! Try one today and brighten their day.

Dinner for two

No one knows their favourite food better than you, so treat them to a surprise dinner hand cooked by you.

1 star: Cook their favourite food to perfection

2 star: Organise it like a date, where your best outfit and tell her to dress up

3 star: Go to town on the table to make it like a top restaurant, or take to the floor for a picnic

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Bubble Bath

Unwinding in a hot bath is one of life’s little luxuries, if you know they’ve had a tough day have one waiting for her them for when they get home

1 star: Find their favourite bubbles and light candles

2 stars: Have their favourite music ready to accompany the experience

3 stars: Serve them champagne in the bath


A ‘just because gift’

Love and affection are great, but support can often mean even more. If you know they’re having a tough time materialise your concerns with a ‘just because gift’

1 star: Choose a mantra that will really resonate with them

2 stars: Pop it in their bag so they’re surprised with it at some point in the day

3 stars: Pick a disc and have it engraved for full marks!


Go for a drink

Maybe you’re married, live together or have been together for a while. Ask them out for a drink like you would have done in the early days – who doesn’t love a date?

1 star: Send them a text to ask them out

2 stars: Take them to the place you went for your first drink together

3 stars: Go armed with the date and time you first went to this special place

Have a home movie night

You can create your own back row and watch whatever film you like, plus it’s free!

1 star: let them pick the film (regardless of their choice)

2 stars: prepare all of the best snacks and popcorn

3 stars: build a cosy den, push the sofas together to make a bed or fill the floor with blankets and duvets - or recreate this...

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