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My Best Self - June

Posted: by Jo Saturday, 1 June 2019 @ 20:54

As our ‘My Best Self’ campaign continues, we choose a different mantra each month, to see what we can learn from it, and to use it to change our mood and mindset.

This month, we have picked the mantra on one of our popular Disc necklaces,

‘Sky above me, earth beneath me, fire inside me’.

Perfect for yoga practitioners, this mantra reminds us of the grounding of the earth beneath our feet, the openness of the sky above our head, and the energy centre inside us.

It is a mantra which puts us right into the moment, as we focus on the earth holding us safe and steady, and we check in with our body to feel the energy flowing through us.

sky earth fire necklace

It can be used as a meditative mantra to bring calm and peace to our surroundings, when we are in danger of rushing around without paying enough attention; and an anchor statement when practising mindfulness, to bring us into the present.

For me, this mantra is perfect for these warmer, sunnier days, when we can feel the earth beneath our bare feet, and we can see the huge expanse of sky above us. I was in Cornwall recently, and was struck by just how wide open the sky seems there, when you look out from the beach and see the huge expanse of sea and sky.

It is also a mantra which connects us to nature, reminding us that we are happier and healthier when we spend time outside, really appreciating the wide skies above us, and the solid earth beneath us. Whether we take our yoga practice outside, or go for a long walk or a run, or simply sit outside in daylight hours to absorb the joy and benefit of natural light on our skin – these warmer, lighter days call us to spend more time outside.

To be happy in life, and to feel that we are achieving what we want to achieve and contributing in ways we want to contribute – we all need a good supply of energy. We need both mental and physical energy to sustain us, to get us through tough times and to enable us to maximise good times. I think we create energy through activity, not rest – and for me, that is by running and by practising yoga.

This mantra reminds me how much energy we can also draw from the natural world – just time spent contemplating the sky, appreciating nature around us, breathing in fresh air, escaping from man-made buildings, and filling our eyes and ears with the sights and sounds of the natural world, is inspiring and energising. It really helps to build the fire of energy inside us.

So – use this mantra, ‘Sky above me, earth beneath me, fire inside me’, to feel like you are drawing energy into yourself, from the sky, the sun and the earth, seeing yourself as part of the natural world.

Share your thoughts with us on this month’s mantra, and let us know what it means to you.

Say this inspiring mantra to yourself, to remind yourself to spend time outside; to appreciate the natural world around you; and to feel it giving you mental and physical energy to live your life well.

Wear our ‘Sky, Earth, Fire’ Disc Necklace, to give you a tangible reminder of the mantra, every day.

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sky earth fire necklace

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