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My best self June Dreams

Posted: by Jo Monday, 22 May 2017 @ 11:40

This month, we are talking about dreams. Specifically, identifying what you would be doing, and how your life would look, if you were being true to your dreams, and living the life you imagined you would have.

Sometimes, this just doesn't seem possible. We all have commitments and responsibilities in life, and it is hard to square these up with living in the way that we imagine, when we dream of possible futures for ourselves.

But we want you to revisit your dreams, to see if you can incorporate some parts of them into your life today, or have a plan to make them happen in the future.

For me, I wanted to set up my own business so that I was in control of how I spent my time, and so I could put my own ideas into practice. I wanted freedom and control, in equal measure, and I wanted to achieve something for myself, not for someone else. Having worked for other people for 15 years, I set Fabulous up in 2005, to enable me to live that dream. Now, I have also launched Mantra, and my dreams continue to evolve.

I knew I wanted freedom, creativity, entrepreneurship, and control of my own time to feature in my work life. This hasn't meant I have worked any less hard - in fact, my working hours are probably longer than when I worked for other people - but I am in control, which is what makes the difference.

And I know going forwards, I want more time for writing, for art, more time with family, more travel, and more sunshine to feature in my life. So, I have a Vision Board for what the life of my dreams will look like over the next ten years, and am starting to work on a plan for how I will get there.

Identifying your passions; revisiting your dreams from childhood; getting clear on your values, and what makes you happy, and what you get most joy and fulfilment out of - these are all critical steps to identifying the life you want. Vision Boards and 5 Year Plans are useful tools to help you visualise these, and to map out a way forward.

Read our other two blogs to find out more about creating a Vision Board, working out your passions, and hearing from others who are living their dreams. And spend some time in June working out what your 'dream life' looks like with our free downloadable planner. Then share your stories with us on Instagram for your chance to win the mantra of the month 'Go where your dreams take you'.


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