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My Best Self 2020 – March

Posted: by Jo Wednesday, 26 February 2020 @ 12:02

This year sees a fourth year of our My Best Self campaign, which we kicked off when we first launched Mantra in 2016.

The idea is to share stories about how we can all step up and be our best selves. We often have a choice in life as to how we act, react or behave, and I am fascinated by what prompts us to make the right choices to be the best version of ourselves in those moments.

For me, having a mantra – a memorable set of words – in a given moment can really help to change our thoughts and our behaviours. So, this year, we are asking some of our Mantra followers to share their stories with us, of how using mantras helps them.  

Alex's Story

Our March interviewee is Alex Pearce, a Chartered Financial Advisor – and someone I have known for a few years, both personally and professionally, who sees Mantra Jewellery as both a meaningful gift for her daughters, and an inspiring reminder for herself.

I met with Alex, and asked her first of all what she likes about Mantra, and what those first gift purchases were.  

Alex: I love the fact that you can personalise Mantra, so it becomes a really bespoke piece of jewellery, just for you. It’s a really nice gift for someone, for a special birthday or anniversary.

Jo: And starting with gifts - you’ve got two daughters, India and Georgia, and I think you’ve bought them both a Mantra necklace? Tell me about those.

Alex: Yes, and I bought them at different times. India’s was just before she did her GCSEs, when she was on the cusp of growing up and becoming a young woman, a little reminder to her to enjoy life and make the most out of it. I chose ‘Strong, Wild, Free’ – as I really want her to grow up to be that strong, independent young woman. Georgia was a bit younger, a typical 13-year-old, with all the troubles that they have, social media and more – so I chose ‘Be happy’ as a reminder of what’s important in life.

Jo: That’s really lovely. Mums buying for teenage daughters is a really big part of our customer base. I think Mantra works very well as a gift to buy for a daughter, to give her that reminder through the day, something tangible to hold onto, with a message from Mum - to anchor her through the day.

jo stroud and alex

Alex: Yes, definitely, it’s really important to remind yourself who you are and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Being able to take hold of something, pause for thought, and take a little moment, to think about what you want to be doing.

Jo: And it was your girls who chose your first myMantra necklace, along with your husband, Jay. Tell me what they chose, and what they had engraved on it?

Alex: It was for my birthday a few years ago. They knew I liked the Mantra range, so they chose a really nice mantra, ‘Do more of what makes you happy’. They recognised in me at that time - I was quite stressed, I was working really hard, it was really all about work, it can be all-consuming when you run your own business. The mantra was to remind me of the important stuff, home and family, and to enjoy life.

Jo: I absolutely agree with you on that. With running your own business, I talk about it being a work-life blend not a balance, it all merges into one, so it’s important to have that reminder. On my Lotus necklace, I have ‘Love, laughter and sunshine’ engraved, my mantra for happiness – to remind me that they are the three things I need in life to be happy. It reminds me of the simple things, and it works well having that tangible reminder.

Alex: Yes, it’s not ingrained within me all the time. I do have to stop and remind myself why I’m doing this.

Jo: And has it worked for you – your mantra? Do you make time to do more things that make you happy?

Alex: Yes, I think I do! I make more time for the good things, the right things, the balance I have is much better than it was a few years ago. I can’t say it’s all because of Mantra, but it’s a huge part of it! The fact that the message came from my husband and my girls, that’s what they all want for me, and it’s what we all want - it’s a great reminder of that.

Jo: Brilliant, that’s a really powerful message. And then more recently, you chose your own mantra and had it engraved on another of our necklaces – the one you’re wearing now. Tell me about those words?

Alex: I love my new mantra. I’ve probably been touching it all the way through this interview, as I always do - I love it! I chose ‘If the wind will not serve, take to the oars’. At the time, there was so much pressure on me in the business, and you’re worrying about what everyone else is doing – it reminds you that you need to be proactive, you need to make it happen yourself, pick up the phone. The mantra serves to give me that little kick every now and again. During the day, I pick it up, I hold it, it’s very tactile. It reminds me to have a look, and then when I read it, it reinforces what I need to do.

Jo: That’s such a great mantra. Taking to the oars, not sitting there waiting in life, having a plan B, having an action plan. We all know that the people who succeed most in life are the ones who grab the oars and start rowing, rather than waiting for life to happen to them. And do you think it is part of your philosophy, or does it help having it there as a reminder?

Alex: I think it does help. If I stopped to think for long enough, I’d come to the same conclusions that I need to take action myself, take to the oars. But I think the message comes through much quicker when it’s around my neck!

Jo: For me, the same. They are so tactile, I tend to hold onto it through the day. I’m someone who can rush through life on autopilot sometimes, so having this as a tangible reminder really works for me, to slow me down, stop me in my tracks.  Like the one I am wearing now – Breathe – ‘I breathe in calm, I breathe out stress’ – it’s there through the day as a tangible reminder, that piece of mindful jewellery, to stop me in my tracks.

Alex: Yes, I think it’s really important. We’re all so busy all of the time. If something so simple can make your day better, then I’m all for it. I am a great advocate!

Watch the full interview below. And to celebrate Alex's mantra, we have 15% off the Sparkling Lotus design this month.




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