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My Best Self July - Sinade Davis

Posted: by Jo Friday, 26 June 2020 @ 05:30

Our My Best Self series is about understanding how we can step up to be our ‘best selves’ in life. For some people, a mantra, or set of inspiring words, can work as a reminder of our values and beliefs, helping us choose our actions or reactions,or reinforcing our beliefs. 

In this month’s ‘My Best Self’ story, I am talking to one of our Mantra team members, Sinade, to find out about two mantras which mean a lot to her. 

We would have made a video, but in these days of social distancing, here is a transcript of my conversation with Sinade instead. 

Sinade Davis with her Mantra Necklace

Sinade has worked with me for nearly 13 years, following her degree in jewellery design, in my retail jewellery business, Fabulous, originally, and then as a core part of the Mantra team. As Creative Manager, Sinade is responsible for much of the ‘look and feel’ of Mantra, and is also very involved in new product development.  

Jo: Have you always liked or collected positive quotes and phrases, even before we launched the Mantra brand? 

Sinade: I’ve always loved song lyrics, which I’d collect to use in mood boards and scrapbooks when I was younger. I did a lot of design work for my jewellery degree, and lyrics and phrases were a key part of my inspiration.  

Jo: You have two ‘myMantra’ necklaces, one was a gift, and one you bought - each with a different, very personal, mantra engraved. I’d like to find out a little about each one. 

Firstly – you have a ‘Lotus’ necklace in Gold, which was gift from me when you reached your 10th anniversary in the business. I had ‘Fill the world with sunshine every day’ engraved on it, for you. I chose those words because you are such a happy, optimistic person, who spreads positivity, and definitely fills the world with sunshine!  

You once told me a great story about going to Cornwall on a rainy day, that really illustrates this mantra for me. Tell us that story? 

Sinade: My Mum, Auntie and I drove down to Cornwall, and it was a wet, miserable day. My Auntie was moaning and complaining about the weather and the long journey. When we got out of the car, I put on my bright yellow raincoat, which always makes me happy. I explained to my aunt that sometimes in life, we have to create our own sunshine – our own good mood – because external factors like the weather aren’t within our control. Yellow is one of my happy colours, so I was excited that it was raining, as I got to wear my bright yellow mac! 

Jo: And that is typical of your positivity, which is so refreshing. It’s the perfect mantra for you, as it sums up your philosophy in life.  

More recently, you bought yourself the ‘Moon and Sun’ myMantra necklace, and you have a Van Gogh quote engraved. Tell me about the necklace and the words? 

Inspiration behind Sinade's myMantra

Sinade: I have always loved looking up at the stars in the night sky, so I loved the Moon and Sun design. We used to go camping when I was a child, and I always remember walking back to the tent and looking up at the night sky, with no light pollution.  

When I got married in 2017, Darren and I went to Tenerife for our mini-moon, and we did a Stargazing trip up Mount Teide. It was amazing being so high up. When the guides turned off their torches, it was as if they had turned on the sky! The stars were incredibly bright and vivid. In fact, I have a constellation map on my bedroom wall of exactly how the stars were that night, at that exact location.  

Then last year, I went to the Van Gogh exhibition at the Tate, with my youngest brother, who is a big fan. We both love Amsterdam and have been to the Van Gogh museum there too. On the walls at the Tate was the famous quote by Van Gogh – ‘The sight of the stars makes me dream’

That quote instantly resonated with me, as that is exactly how I feel about stars. They connect me to magic and wonder and dreams. So, I knew that it was the perfect engraving for my necklace.  

Jo: It’s a beautiful quote. Do you find yourself saying it to yourself, as a reminder to keep dreaming?  

Sinade: I almost see it as a description of my approach to life. I always want to stay connected to a sense of wonder and dreams, and I want to bring my son, Teddy, up with that same outlook. Looking up at the night sky is a great reminder, but the necklace works as a way of connecting me to the words whenever I wear it.  

Jo: Thank you for sharing those stories, Sinade. It’s lovely to hear the story behind the words on your necklaces.  

This month, we are giving 15% off our ‘Moon and Sun’ as our Mantra of the Month, and you can have your own personal mantra engraved on the back. 

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