Meet the Team, Sinade

Mantra Sun NecklaceName: Sinade Davis

Position: Creative & Marketing Manager

Favourite Mantra: Fill the world with sunshine every day 

What’s on your myMantra? 'The sight of the stars makes me dream’ - a quote from Vincent Van Gogh. When I wear it I'm reminded of childhood memories of looking up at the stars when camping, they were so much more visible without all of the city's light pollution. The quote instantly resonates with me, as stars connect me to magic and wonder and dreams.

How do you relax? With a good book, I can get lost in another world for hours, without even realising

Dream holiday destination: Disney - I've already been to Paris many times and Florida once. It is most definitely my happy place!

I’m at my happiest: Spending time with family and friends, they are a reminder of what really matters and how fortunate I am

Guilty pleasure: A jigsaw puzzle, it focuses my mind and makes me strangely competitive!

If you could give your young self some advice…Do what you love and enjoy: if you don’t, then it’s not worth doing.  Also, everything happens for a reason and at the right time for you, so don’t stress if it doesn’t seem to be going as you planned right now!

What does Mantra mean to you? Mantra is a reminder to stay positive.  There is so much going on around us that we don’t always have time to appreciate the little things that mean so much.  I’ve always loved wearing sentimental jewellery, and my favourite pieces are always those gifted to me.  With Mantra I feel I can give my friends and family that same feeling, with a beautiful piece of jewellery, with a bit of positivity to brighten their day

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