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My Best Self - July

Posted: by Jo Tuesday, 25 June 2019 @ 10:18

This month we have chosen the deceptively simple mantra,  

‘Fill the world with sunshine every day’

as our mantra of the month, represented by our Sun Necklace.

Following on from the positivity theme we had back in April, this is also a mantra encouraging an upbeat, positive and energetic approach to life.

It reminds us that we have a choice: to bring joy, happiness and high energy to our lives and to the lives of other people, and to show up in an upbeat and joyful way - rather than being a negative or draining force.

sunshine necklace

We all love those people who seem to operate at a higher energy level, who are positive and uplifting to spend time with, and who make us feel good just by being with them. Their energy is infectious and their positivity a refreshing and illuminating light in our day.

This mantra encourages us all to be like this. To be the sunshine in our own and in other people’s world, regardless of what is happening around us.

I love this idea, and find it a really useful reminder when I am feeling frustrated about something. It’s easy to react to situations, and let circumstances bring us down in life - but a reminder to be our own sunshine and project it to others is a handy nudge to change our reactions.

In any given situation, try to be the one who looks on the bright side. The one who looks for solutions, not problems. The one who keeps everyone else going, and keeps their spirits up. The one who deals lightly with frustrations and challenges, rather than taking them to heart.

It may feel difficult at first, particularly if your natural tendency is to see problems before solutions – but use this mantra as a prompt to change your behaviour.

It is also a mantra of gratitude, in some ways. It reminds us that there are always people who are far worse off than ourselves, and who are struggling with huge personal difficulties or tragedies. If we can bring some sunshine – some lightness, some good cheer, some hope – to their lives, then we have succeeded in contributing to the sunshine in the world. This can make us see our own challenges with a bit more perspective, sometimes, and help us recognise how much there is to be cheerful and upbeat about.

So – use this mantra, ‘Fill the world with sunshine every day’, to summon good feelings, to smile, and to feel yourself contributing to the net total of positivity in the world, rather than negativity.

Share your thoughts with us on this month’s mantra, and let us know what it means to you.

Wear our Sun necklace, to bring to mind this happy reminder to ‘Fill the world with sunshine every day’.

Our Sun Necklace is 15% off this month!

sunshine necklace

sunshine necklace




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