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My Best Self 2020 – February

Posted: by Jo Wednesday, 29 January 2020 @ 14:45

This year starts a fourth year of our My Best Self campaign, which we kicked off when we first launched Mantra.

The idea is to share stories, thoughts and inspiration about how we can all step up and be our best selves. We often have a choice in life as to how we act, react or behave, and I am fascinated by what prompts us to make the right choices to be the best version of ourselves in those moments.

For me, having a mantra – a memorable set of words – in that moment can really help to change our thoughts and our behaviours. So, this year, we are asking some of our Mantra followers to share their stories with us, of how using mantras helps them.  

Claire's Story

Our February interviewee is Claire Gradwell, a wonderful lady who has followed and supported the Mantra brand for the last two or three years.

I met with Claire, and asked her first of all how she came across us, and what the first mantra was that jumped out for her.

Claire: I first came across Mantra Jewellery in Psychologies magazine, and it looked like a brand that I would really resonate with. I then came to an event – the Mindful Living Show in London – and I saw you there and had a chat with you.

The mantra that really stood out for me at the show was ‘Recharge my body, reclaim my self’. It resonated with me strongly and became a real catalyst for change in my life. I’d had a lot of time at home as a mum, I’d got quite unhealthy being at home, and I’d lost a sense of identity. This mantra inspired the next phase of my life, and acted as a real encouragement to me.

julie montagu mantra hero necklace

Jo: That’s such a powerful mantra to remind us of the importance of self-care, and the need to look after ourselves.

Some months later, as your life moved on, you wrote your own mantra, and you had that engraved on one of our personalisable ‘myMantra’ necklaces. Tell me about that?

Claire: Yes, I started to think about how I could gain a little more calmness in my life, as I was feeling a bit overwhelmed as a mother. I wrote, ‘This moment is yours, be in it’. It was to remind me that I have freedom and control to create the life I want; and to remind me to enjoy the moments with my children and really be in the moment. I had the mantra engraved on one of your Lotus ‘myMantra’ pieces.

I’ve been using it quite a lot whilst also meditating, and if I’m feeling overwhelmed or having a difficult day, I hold the necklace close and say the mantra to myself.

Jo: And that’s exactly how we recommend people use a mantra. Say it to yourself a few times through the day; think deeply about it, perhaps in a meditation practice; bring it to mind at busy or stressful moments; and hold onto your necklace as you say it, so you have a tangible reminder of your words. 

More recently, we met you at another event – Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival – and you were in a really good place, you’d moved forwards with your life, you were really happy with your progress. And you’d written another mantra for this part of your life.mymantra dreamcatcher necklace

Claire: Yes, I wanted a celebratory mantra to encapsulate the next phase of my life. I’d done a lot with mindfulness, with fitness, with mental health and some ambassador work. I chose the Dreamcatcher disc, and my mantra is, ‘Strong in mind and body, heart wild and spirit free’. 

I was starting to live my dreams, take some holidays, go on some adventures, and wanted to celebrate my independence.

Jo: When I wear my own mantra – my own words on a necklace – it brings me comfort, it reassures me, it acts as a reminder that I can choose how I react or respond in the moment. How does wearing your words make you feel?

Claire: All my mantras acts as reminders, as you just said – but even more so, they bring a sense of connection, of grounding, and of focus. Repeating the words can really pull the direction of a day around for me. And now, I will select my piece of jewellery based on how I want to feel that day, and to give me that grounding and that security. The biggest thing for me is connection.

Hear the full interview with Claire below, and on our Instagram IGTV channel.



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