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My Best Self - October - Pallavi Prasad

Posted: by Jo Thursday, 24 September 2020 @ 05:35

Our My Best Self series is about understanding how we each step up to be our best selves in life, as we can choose how we respond to what life throws at us.

For some people, a mantra, or set of inspiring words, can work to remind us of our values and beliefs, helping us choose our actions or reactions, or reinforcing those beliefs. 

In this month’s ‘My Best Self’ story, we are talking to one of our Mantra team members, Pallavi, to find out about a mantra which means a lot to her. Pallavi is our eCommerce Manager, and has two young children, Swara and Dhvani, with her husband, Kiran.  

Pallavi Prasad with The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Jo: Have positive quotes and phrases always been part of your life, even before you joined us at Mantra? 

Pallavi: When I finished my engineering degree, I read a book called ‘The Secret’, and from then, I have collected positive sayings and affirmations. I have a notebook in which I write things down, and stick cuttings into. I dip into it when I need positive motivation, and I use it to inspire my daughter, Swara. I remind her that she needs to start by feeling happy, and then things will fall into place for her. That is completely within her control.   

Jo: And does your husband, Kiran, believe in the teachings outlined in ‘The Secret’? 

Pallavi: Yes, he does. I got him to watch the video, and read some of the book. And we know it works, because of what happened when I was pregnant. I visualised all the things we needed – a pushchair, changing mat, all sorts of things – and I won all of them, thousands of pounds worth of things! I was sure I was going to get them, so I didn’t buy any of them, I just waited.  

With the changing bag – it was really expensive, and I would never have bought it myself. But then I thought my sister would love one too, so I visualised that, and I won another one for her! 

Jo: That’s incredible! I knew you had won a lot of things, but I didn’t realise you visualised them.  

Pallavi: Yes. And we have a vision board up in our house of what we would like to achieve, and what’s important to us in life. Even Swara has one.  

Jo: I know you collect positive phrases and affirmations. But is there one particular saying, or mantra, that has specific meaning for you? 

Pallavi: Yes, there are two in particular - ‘Miracles happen to those who believe’ is a favourite of mine, as it reminds me of the absolute importance of belief. And, ‘Only love is real’ is also really important to me. 

Pallavi myMantra necklace - Only Love is Real

Jo: You have that engraved on your myMantra necklace, don’t you? Tell me more about this phrase – what does it mean to you, and why do you have that engraved on your necklace? 

Pallavi: It acts as a reminder, every day, that love is the single most important thing in life, and that you must do everything with love. There was a time when I struggled to remember that.  

For example, I can talk to my children when they come home from school – or I can talk to them with love. I can really listen, and take the time to connect, and show them my love in the way that I talk to them, the way that I touch them, the way that I interact with them. We sometimes need a reminder to stop and put all the problems of the day behind us – so that when we are with our loved ones, we really communicate with love. 

Jo: That’s fascinating, because you are absolutely right – it can be too easy to find that our conversations with our family and loved ones are all about practical things and the logistics of the day, rather than really communicating deeply, and showing how we feel.  

Do you find yourself holding onto the necklace from time to time, and saying those words to yourself? 

Pallavi: I do, and it always act as a reminder of how important it is to do things with love. Even with strangers it is important. When I am at work, and I go for a walk at lunchtime, I always make sure I connect with someone – a stranger – when I am out and about. I make eye contact, I smile – I make sure I have made that connection.  

Jo: I love that, it’s a real reminder to take the time to connect with people. We can tend to rush through life being too wrapped up in our own world, so we forget the importance of those small moments of connection.  

You are also wearing the Mantra necklace which we created with Dr Gemma Newman - ‘True wellbeing lies within me’. Why does this message resonate with you? 

Pallavi: I think it’s really important. As you know, I have been vegan for over 2 years now, like Gemma, and vegetarian before that – but it is about so much more. It’s a reminder that we need to look after both our physical and our mental wellbeing, and that we have the power to do that.  

Dr Gemma Newman Wellbeing Necklace

Jo: Thanks so much, Pallavi, for sharing your insights and your beliefs. Your mantras are phrases that are deeply personal to you, representing some of your core values, and I am sure they will inspire other people reading this too. 

This month, we are giving 15% off our Love Mandala Necklace as our Mantra of the Month, and you can have your own personal mantra engraved on the back. 

Mantra of the Month Discount on Love Mandala Necklace


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