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Pallavi's story - How I used a ‘myMantra’ Affirmation Necklace to change my life

Posted: by Pallavi Friday, 1 October 2021 @ 12:44

Pallavi is our eCommerce Manager, and has always been someone who uses affirmations and positive thinking, to change her life. Here, she tells us about a particular affirmation that made a real difference to her.

Pallavi's Personalised Affirmation myMantra Necklace

I have always used mantras and affirmations in my life to manifest things and to change my thoughts and situations, and these have definitely led to changing what comes into my life.  

A few years ago, my in-laws decided to visit us in the UK, to stay with us for a few months. I was pregnant with my second child at the time. I had never lived with my in-laws for more than a few weeks, and this was all going to be a big change. As with any change, I was anxious and feared the unknown.

I practise the law of attraction in my everyday life. As I was aware of how affirmations and changing my vibrations could change my life, I started to look for positive affirmations to replace the anxiety and fear that I was feeling. Something I could keep close-by, and say every day as a reminder.

I started to think about how I wanted to feel. And what came up was ‘love’.

Only love can get rid of fear. Only love can set me free. Only love can bind us all together. Only love is real, and only when I truly love them, can I enjoy my time and journey with them.

I chose a Gold ‘myMantra’ necklace, and had ‘Only Love is real’ as my affirmation, engraved on it, so I could wear it and carry it with me all the time. This had a lot of meaning for me.

Gold Mandala Affirmation Necklace

I started wearing it even before my in-laws arrived. It made a huge wave of change in terms of my vibration and the messages I was sending to the universe.

The law of attraction worked! It always does. We not only spent quality time together but also, my mind was free and full of love, and open towards all the relationships that come to me seeking love.

I still wear my ‘myMantra’ Necklace today, as a reminder to radiate Love towards anyone coming into my life - be it strangers on the street waiting to be smiled at, or my own family that needs care, attention and love every day.


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