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9 Ways to Live Authentically

Posted: by Natasha Wednesday, 28 June 2017 @ 16:28

9 Ways to Live Authentically

This month we’re celebrating authenticity in our year of #mybestself – living authentically means being true to our feelings, making brave decisions and living without fear of judgement. Here are some ideas of how you can be true to yourself …



1. Compare yourself to others

We are all individuals with our own unique gifts and unique paths to tread. Never compare your journey to someone else’s, and never gauge your own progress using other peoples’ milestones. Your dreams and aspirations are your own:  do what works for you to achieve them and don’t worry about how you stack up against others. 

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2. Be jealous

Jealousy is never a positive emotion, and indulging it only leads to unhelpful comparisons of yourself with others. Instead of feeling embittered or inadequate when everything seems to be working out for someone else, feel inspired! If they’re achieving their goals, take it as a sign that you can too and share in their happiness.

3. Hide your true feelings

If you are upset, don’t be afraid to show it. If there’s something you really want, don’t be afraid to let others know. It’s important to take time out for self-reflection to really understand how you feel about life’s ups and downs. Hiding your true feelings can lead to others not knowing where you stand in all aspects of life. Let others get to know the real you by staying true to your feelings and expressing them openly. 

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3. Be a passenger

One key to living authentically who is to consider who you would really like to be in the long-term; what are your true goals and, honestly, how do you envisage reaching them? It’s important to keep these aims in mind to avoid sleepwalking into decisions that might not be in your best interest. Take control of your destiny and act with determination and clarity of intention.




1. Follow your intuition

There’s nothing wrong with asking others for advice every now and then. Some of life’s problems cannot be solved independently. But it’s important not to be too reliant on what others think you should be doing with your life. Sometimes it’s best to listen to your gut and act according to your true desires – nobody knows you better than yourself. 

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2. Take responsibility

Living authentically means not being afraid of being bold and acting to achieve your true goals. Sometimes you’ll land on your feet, and sometimes you won’t. That’s life. But don’t be afraid of making mistakes or getting egg on your face; life’s stumbling blocks are inevitable. Take responsibility for your mistakes, own them, learn from them and improve.

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3. Love openly

One of the most important tenets of being true to yourself is having courage. It is always less courageous to be judgemental than compassionate, so never deny others kindness and compassion. If you like someone, let them know. If there’s a trait you really admire in someone, don’t be afraid to compliment them. 

4. Respect yourself and your values

Each of us has our own belief system that we hold near to our hearts. Never lose sight of your own values when you’re around others. Having integrity is key to living authentically, and it’s important to be true to your beliefs in order to become your best self. Remember that you have spent your whole life developing and refining your principles – respect yourself and your experiences by honouring them. 

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5. Live in the 'now'

Don’t dwell on the past or waste time worrying or fantasising about the future. The key to living authentically is to experience the here and now, and to embrace your feelings and desires in the present. 


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