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Latest Blog Posts - Happiness And Optimism

Here are our latest blog posts, to inspire and uplift. From stories about the thinking and ideas behind the mantras, to new product updates, to interviews and guides to help you choose a mantra, we hope we have something here to inspire you.

Our latest wellbeing collaboration is with Dr Gemma Newman - known as the Plant Power Doctor. The design is a heart, with a leaf and spiral detail, designed by Gemma herself. Read more...
POSTED ON 28.01.20
May my body be strong, my heart wild and my spirit freeOne of the most popular designs in the Mantra collection is the disc necklace, as it provides a simple yet powerful reminder of your mantra.Longer phrases are summarised by a few words, so you can bring to mind the full mantra when you hold the necklace for a few moments - while still keeping it private and personal.The full mantra for the ‘Strong, Wild, Free’ Necklace is perfect for those who are free-spirited and wild at heart....
POSTED ON 01.11.17
Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You.Another in our popular series of disc necklaces, this comes inscribed with the simple phrase, ‘Be Happy’.This may seem like an easy reminder, but the longer mantra gives a clue to why it can sometimes be hard to simply ‘be happy’.‘Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You’ reminds you to be happy with the bright, beautiful person you are. Often, we are too hard on ourselves. We judge ourselves harshly, feeling we don’t deserve true happines...
POSTED ON 01.11.17
We had a superb time at the Big Feastival - thank you so much to everyone who came to see us on our Mantra stand. What glorious weather, and what a fabulous event! We gave out over 900 'happy thoughts' from our Mantra jars - mantras to inspire, make you smile, make you think.
POSTED ON 31.08.17
We have recently added 'Sky, Earth, Fire' to this collection - three of the most important and fundamental elements in our lives. Find out more about the inspiration behind the mantras.
POSTED ON 23.06.17
Story behind the Sun mantra - Sun necklace and earrings
POSTED ON 30.05.17
Happiness, what does it mean to you? I've loved looking at these famous quotes on happiness and what it means to people. Happiness is a word that has always echoed around my head, from a young age my parents told me that the most important thing to be in life, is happy. Rather than pressuring me to keep up that hobby that I hated, or grind myself down stressing over exams, happiness, was always a priority, making my childhood full of wonderful memories and very little stress or pressure. As we get older it's sometimes harder to feel content, genuinely serene, not stressed. This month however, we're reminding ourselves of the simple importance of happiness - here is what happiness means to others along with some of our favourite mantras...
POSTED ON 28.04.17
Vanessa King is a board member at Action for Happiness, the charity which encourages people to take action to increase wellbeing in their homes, workplaces, schools and local community, with the Dalai Lama as their patron. Their vision is a happier world with fewer people suffering from mental health, with more people feeling happy, content and functioning well and helping others.
POSTED ON 27.04.17
If you suffer from anxiety or know someone who does, you’ll know that the symptoms of this condition can rise in the most unlikely or often most inappropriate scenarios and take hold. Having suffered from anxiety over the last 10 years I have developed coping strategies to deal with it.
POSTED ON 04.04.17
As followers of Mantra will know, we start our design process with the mantra itself, before we create the jewellery.
POSTED ON 22.03.17
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