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The Story behind the Mantra: Be Happy

Posted: by Jo Wednesday, 1 November 2017 @ 12:07

Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You.

Another in our popular series of disc necklaces, this comes inscribed with the simple phrase, ‘Be Happy’.

This may seem like an easy reminder, but the longer mantra gives a clue to why it can sometimes be hard to simply ‘be happy’.

‘Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You’ reminds you to be happy with the bright, beautiful person you are. Often, we are too hard on ourselves. We judge ourselves harshly, feeling we don’t deserve true happiness because we somehow aren’t good enough, or haven’t done enough to earn happiness.

But until we learn to accept ourselves, and to see all of our positives and give ourselves a break - we will never be truly happy. Happiness has to start with self-acceptance, and an appreciation of our strengths and talents.

So, we wrote this mantra to remind you that the best way to be happy is to be yourself. Be the beautiful, talented, unique and loveable person that you truly are. And wear the necklace to bring this reminder to mind.






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