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The Story behind the Mantra – ‘I do more than live life. I celebrate it’

Posted: by Jo Tuesday, 4 May 2021 @ 12:28

As the roadmap out of lockdown was announced, and the vaccination programme was getting rapidly underway, we started to work on a new collection for early Summer.

One message we absolutely wanted to see come to life in the new collection was a mantra of heartfelt and joyous celebration. Words that would capture the sheer explosive joy that we would feel when the worst of the pandemic was over in this country, and that would really capture the feelings of gratitude and excitement that we have for simply being alive.

After writing various iterations around celebrating and loving life, we settled on the mantra,  

‘I do more than live life. I celebrate it.’

Celebrate Life QuoteSterling Silver Starburst Necklace

This seems to me to capture perfectly the feeling that we want to convey. Life is for living – for certain – but let’s make it our aim to put more energy, enthusiasm and meaning into life.

If we simply ‘exist’, by going through each day as a breathing, functioning human being, life will, of course, go on, and we will go on.

But what if we do more? If we pay more attention? We engage more? We feel more? We notice more? We smile more? We laugh more? We appreciate more? We recognise every day, how lucky we are to be alive, and we show that gratitude and appreciation in our approach to life? In the end – what if we celebrate life, rather than simply living it?

Having settled on the words that capture the essence of how we want the wearer to feel, we now needed to come up with the right design.

Those of you that know Mantra well, know that we are rigorous in our pursuit of marrying the right words, with the right design, with the right image on the necklace card, to really bring to life the mantra in the most powerful and effective way.

For this mantra, we were inspired by the explosive feeling of joy that we wanted to capture. From starbursts to fireworks, we looked at moving objects full of energy, that would give us the feeling that we wanted.

Celebrate Life - Sunburst Necklace Inspiration

A spinning Catherine Wheel with its blaze of sparks gave us a starting point for an abstract design that would convey a burst of energy, light and fire.

From early drawings, to Silver samples, we worked on the shape until we got exactly what we had imagined. We hope the finished design captures the positive energy and movement that we wanted, with the explosion of a firework and sparkle of a sunburst.

Choose the ‘Celebrate Life’ mantra if you want to show your appreciation for how wonderful life is; or to pay tribute to a friend who lives life with energy, passion and enthusiasm; or if you want to remind yourself or a friend that the more you put into life, the more you get back.


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