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Here are our latest blog posts, to inspire and uplift. From stories about the thinking and ideas behind the mantras, to new product updates, to interviews and guides to help you choose a mantra, we hope we have something here to inspire you. Take a look at our Gallery for some inspiration.

A teacher's gift from Mantra is the perfect way to show gratitude or appreciation. Inspire them every day with a mantra of thanks.
POSTED ON 26.06.23
It is not easy to practice kindness all the time. During life's stressful periods, all of us have a tendency to forget to reach out to others. Here are six ways you can remember to be kinder every day...
POSTED ON 24.01.23
“Love with an open heart”“Strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may weraise them.”"Give thanks and take nothing for granted""When you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence""We shine brightest together" 
POSTED ON 29.09.17
New Mum Lucy Felton, of the 'Lucy Edit' is a journalist, content expert and style influencer based in London. We caught up with former head of fashion content at Look magazine about motherhood and mantras that she lives by.
POSTED ON 24.03.17
We caught up with holistic wellness author and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist Xochi Balfour to discuss her biggest challenge yet, becoming a new Mum. She explores all areas of vitality, combining diet, natural healing and various methods of spiritual inquiry to cultivate more balance and harmony both inside and out. Her new book, 'The Naturalista' is a selection of nourishing recipes to live well by and here she shares her plans for Mother's Day and how she uses mantras as anchors in her daily life.
POSTED ON 20.03.17
What a magical time in your life, welcoming a new baby! A daughter or son, a niece or nephew a godchild, a grandchild! Celebrate this special arrival and the amazing Mother who brought them in to the world with a thoughtful mantra…
POSTED ON 17.03.17
As regular buyers of Mantra will know, we start with the mantra itself when we design a new piece of jewellery for the collection.We wanted to create a mantra that enabled you to really show your appreciation for someone. A way of saying thank you for what they have done for you, or what they mean to you. We arrived at ‘You’re the reason I am smiling today’, as it really gets to the heart of appreciation as a positive and uplifting emotion. When you appreciate someone, it gives...
POSTED ON 02.03.17
We picked 12 mantras that we'd love to give our Mums this Mother's Day. To celebrate their amazing qualities and what makes them uniquely ours. Take a look below at the mantras and see if the mantra matches their character...
POSTED ON 02.03.17
In our month of appreciation we’re focusing on thanking those who help us live a happy life and being grateful for what we have, who we know and how we live. If you’re having a bad day and can’t see the positives, take a look at these inspiring mantras to remind you how lucky you are and how much you have to be grateful for…
POSTED ON 28.02.17
This month we’re talking about appreciation, it’s something that our team agreed can slip from our minds in a busy week, focusing on stressful situations or little niggles rather than looking at the bigger picture and realising just how lucky we all are. What makes us feel lucky in life tends to be the amazing people we’re surrounded by, all of us instantly recounted loved ones when asked what we’re grateful for. So here are our mantras for the ones we are truly grateful for, with ways to show our appreciation…
POSTED ON 23.02.17
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