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Mantra Q&A: Xochi Balfour, The Naturalista on becoming a new Mum

Posted: by Rhian Monday, 20 March 2017 @ 13:06

We caught up with holistic wellness author and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist Xochi Balfour to discuss her biggest challenge yet, becoming a new Mum. She explores all areas of vitality, combining diet, natural healing and various methods of spiritual inquiry to cultivate more balance and harmony both inside and out. Her new book, 'The Naturalista' is a selection of nourishing recipes to live well by and here she shares her plans for Mother's Day and how she uses mantras as anchors in her daily life.

How will you be spending Mother’s Day?

This will be my first Mother's Day as a mama myself and I will be spending it with my baby boy Sasha and my husband Ben. Sasha is only a couple of months old so we will probably be with one of our own mothers in the countryside, celebrating together as three generations.

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

I didn't really appreciate the significance of it until I became a mother! But now I see what a lovely opportunity it is to honour, thank and celebrate all mamas around the world and the love, sacrifice and wisdom they embody.

How has your life changed since the birth of your son Sasha?

Completely and utterly! I'm only a few weeks in and each day I feel like I am being moulded into a newer version of myself. My time is not my own, and so many things I used to be on top of are left un-done, but nurturing this new little being is so amazing, the days follow his rhythm and together we are discovering a brand new life as a family.

What inspires you in Sasha every day to make you #mybestself?

I think his total reliance on us as parents is an amazing opportunity to rise to the challenges we would previously never have considered or envisaged. Putting oneself second and really being present with his needs and whatever the moment is bringing is a real gift.

What piece of advice would you give Sasha as he grows up?

Be yourself and listen to your heart. You know what you need better than anybody else. ...Including your mother ;)

Do you use mantras in your daily life and if so how?

I enjoy Vedic meditation, for which I received a mantra that is my anchor in my practice. It is very sacred and close to me. In other areas I don't consciously use mantras but life's ebb and flow definitely take on themes and affirmations as I navigate certain situations - usually along the lines of "trust yourself", "listen to your body", "honour nature", "let it go" and "tomorrow is another day...."

If you had to choose one mantra that is personal to you what would it be?

Listen to your body. It knows.

You can find out more about Xochi on her blog, The Naturalista, or follow her on instagram and twitter


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