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We caught up with holistic wellness author and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist Xochi Balfour to discuss her biggest challenge yet, becoming a new Mum. She explores all areas of vitality, combining diet, natural healing and various methods of spiritual inquiry to cultivate more balance and harmony both inside and out. Her new book, 'The Naturalista' is a selection of nourishing recipes to live well by and here she shares her plans for Mother's Day and how she uses mantras as anchors in her daily life.
POSTED ON 20.03.17
Take our mantra quiz to find the perfect mantra for you at this time in your life. Come back and try next month, next week or tomorrow to see how your mind-set has changed...
POSTED ON 10.02.17
In our year of #mybestself this month we’re celebrating LOVE. We’re working on loving ourselves more, showing those we love just how much we care and showing love to those who need it the most. So regardless of whether your friends are single, married, loved up or feeling a bit down, a mantra is the perfect way to say, I’m thinking of you, I believe in you or you should believe in yourself. Being in love is magical, but it’s often the on-going unconditional love and suppo...
POSTED ON 07.02.17
It’s the month of love at mantra, we’re focusing on giving ourselves love and radiating that love out to others. From a kind gesture to a stranger to a love token to your partner. Here are some romantic mantras for the ones you love…
POSTED ON 31.01.17
Chances are you’ve seen a ridiculously over the top gesture online today, a bow around a brand new car, tickets to a far flung destination or a pair of swoon worthy shoes with a designer price tag. Whilst these gifts are pretty impressive, we don’t all have the bank balance to back them up. So here are our favourite little gestures that are full of thought and low on cost! Try one today and brighten their day.
POSTED ON 30.01.17
Duck, dodge, dip, dive, ha! – The four H’s of self-care and self-love are Home, Health, Head, and Heart and here’s my top tips on taking care of all of them…
POSTED ON 26.01.17
So, how did you get on in January, being your healthiest self? We all found it pretty tough, as there is always a lot of temptation around, but we have each found 2 or 3 things that work for us.
POSTED ON 25.01.17
Anyone else find themselves curled up on the sofa with a random Christmas film (usually on channel 5) with an unknown cast and a storyline around finding love at Christmas? They're usually set in a beautiful sleepy and snowy American town, with old friends and huge families, a trusty dog and a Christmas miracle! Well we love festive films, here we celebrate the better known festive moments in films and what we'll be hunkering down to this evening...It's a wonderful lifeGet the tissues at the rea...
POSTED ON 02.12.16
What better way to get in to the mood for Autumn than snuggled up on the sofa with a film. Here are our favourite films set amongst falling leaves, beautiful autumnal scenery and warm wardrobes, be inspired with...Mona Lisa's Smile Get with your girlfriends to celebrate female role models, breaking the rules, girl power and Julia Roberts of course!via GIPHYYou've Got Mail New York in the fall + Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan + Quirky bookshop = the perfect Autumn romcomvia GIPHYDead Poet'...
POSTED ON 28.09.16
A piece of mantra jewellery is the perfect gift for your friend or daughter embarking on their travels. Give them a talisman of love and protection, when they get back their mantra will forever remind them of their trip and your support!
POSTED ON 16.08.16
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