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5 mantras for Valentine’s Day

Posted: Sunday, 26 January 2020 @ 09:10

As Valentine's Day approaches, we’re focusing on giving ourselves love and radiating love out to others. Here are some romantic mantras for the ones you love, as well as mantras that promote self-love, by reminding you to look after yourself and prioritise your own needs. Remember that self-care isn't selfish! 

'I love and am loved'

This love mantra reminds you of the love you give and receive every day - whether that be romantic love, family love or the love between friends. Repeat the words "I love and am loved", to remind yourself of all the love in your life. 

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'May your life be filled with love'

This mantra conveys a powerful message to your loved one. This is a romantic mantra that brings comfort, reassurance and joy, and celebrates your happiness. A wonderful, meaningful mantra for someone you love. 


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'May our love keep us safe and strong'

This beautiful wish is the perfect gift for your life partner this Valentine's Day, to celebrate your relationship and your life together. The delicate charms symbolise strength and protection. Feel loved, blessed and protected when you repeat this mantra to yourself. 

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'I am enough'

The perfect self-love mantra! 'I am enough’ reminds us of our strengths and qualities, and reassures us that we have all that we need inside us. It builds our self-confidence and self-worth. A great mantra to stop us from comparing ourselves to others, or for envying what others have. Our most powerful relationship in life is with ourselves – so use this mantra to remind yourself how much you value and love yourself.

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'What do I need right now, to flourish?'

Another fantastic mantra for self-love and self-care. Ask yourself, "What do I need right now, to flourish?" We all have many demands on our time and our energy. We have daily commitments, responsibilities and tasks. We rush from one thing to the next, often without taking the time to slow down and pause. This mantra is posing you a question, to ask yourself amongst this busy-ness: right now, if you really thought about it deeply - what do you need, to ensure that you feel refreshed and looked after?The point is - only you know what you need. In this moment, at this time. You are your best advisor - so take time to pause, reflect and ask yourself that question, before you go about your busy plans. And then listen to your own advice, and give yourself what you need.

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