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Galentine Goals, 9 mantras for your friends

Posted: by Rhian Tuesday, 7 February 2017 @ 10:38

In our year of #mybestself this month we’re celebrating LOVE. We’re working on loving ourselves more, showing those we love just how much we care and showing love to those who need it the most. So regardless of whether your friends are single, married, loved up or feeling a bit down, a mantra is the perfect way to say, I’m thinking of you, I believe in you or you should believe in yourself. Being in love is magical, but it’s often the on-going unconditional love and support of our friends we turn to and cherish.

So whether they’re broken hearted, happily single, coupled or married – show them you’re still right by their side with a thoughtful mantra…

You are loved

It's a simple phrase, but one we know we're all guilty of forgetting from time to time, remind her that she is unconditionally loved, £25


She who is brave is free

Being single can be tough from time to time, but knowing that you're standing on your own two feet is so liberating. Let her know she's making strong decisions and boy are you proud of her, £30

Because of you, I am what I am today

In every friendship group there's the mum, the wild one, the listener, the comedian - they all shape our lives. Either fill us with belief in ourselves, or have us crying laughing. Let your buddy know that they have a profound influence on your life, £20

May my body be strong, my heart wild and my spirit free

For that friend who can over think and not make time for themselves, the one that will never say no and then run themselves in to the ground making others happy. We love this uplifting mantra to remind them to prioritise their own wellbeing, £35 - £55


Life is beautiful

There's room on the back on our cards for a thoughtful message or explanation of why you chose their mantra for them. We'd write, 'because you're in it', £35 - £55

Let go of the past and the past will let go of you

If you have a friend struggling with a difficult break-up Valentine's Day can be a really tough time. It's also a great time to mark a new start, encourage them to 'let go', £35 - £55

Always on my mind, forever in my heart

A simple declaration of love, perfect for friends with miles between them. Regardless of where you are in the world, remind them that you've always got their back, £30

Be fabulous, be you

We love our friends because of their quirks - let them know they're perfect in your eyes! £30 - £55

I am fearless & therefore powerful

It really feels that 2017 will be the year us ladies get together and fight for each other, sometimes we need a gentle reminder that we can and we will! £35 - £55


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