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Galentine Goals: 9 mantras for your friends

Posted: by Sinade Monday, 24 January 2022 @ 11:38

9 Mantras for your Best Friends - Galentine Goals

Widely celebrated the day before Valentine's Day, 'Galentine's' is the day to show love and appreciation to your girlfriends. Created more than 10 years ago, it has become an unofficial celebration of female friendship - the time to thank your gal pals for all their love and support.

Why not choose a mantra to show your best friend what she means to you? Or one to celebrate all things love - the love between friends that lasts a lifetime. 

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I love, and am loved

Love Bar Necklace

Remind her that she is unconditionally loved by so many people, and that she is capable herself of infinite love. 


I am exactly where I'm supposed to be

Feather Necklace

Maybe your best friend is single right now? It can be really tough, especially as we come up to Valentine's Day. Reassure her that life is unfolding for her in perfect timing: right now, she is exactly where she is meant to be. The right person will come along, at the right time. 


You are the reason I am smiling today

Daisy Earrings Friendship

A powerful statement to remind your friend just how important she is to you. All those happy memories and amazing experiences you have had with her, over the years. As you look back on them, you can't help but smile. That's all down to her!


May my body be strong, my heart wild and my spirit free

 Strong Wild Free Necklace

A rallying cry for independence, a free spirit, and strength of mind and body: we love this mantra, to remind your best friend to carry on being her true self, whether she is in a relationship or on her own. An empowering message for a friend. 


Life is better with you in it

Sunflower Friendship Necklace

There's space on the back on our cards for a thoughtful message or explanation of why you chose their mantra for them, at this particular time in their lives. Why not tell her all the wonderful ways she makes your life better?


I let go of fear, I let go of worry, I let go of doubt

Let Go Necklace

Maybe your friend is struggling with their mental health, or their self-confidence, after a difficult couple of years. Encourage her to see this as a time for a new start, and the time to let go of her negativity, to embrace a more positive future.


Side by side, or miles apart, you are always with me

Friendship Disc

A simple declaration of love, perfect for friends with miles between them. Regardless of where you are in the world, remind them that you've always got their back.


I celebrate the woman I am

Sacral Chakra Necklace

A reminder to celebrate all the personal characteristics, qualities and experiences you love about them - let them know they're perfect as they are, and a complete inspiration to you.


We are all sisters, by birth or by bond

Mantra Sisterhood Necklace

Often, our best friend is as close to us as a sister - and sometimes, even closer. This necklace celebrates women’s similarities, rather than our differences. We donate 25% of its sales to Women for Women International, to help support women the world over.
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