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Be the best version of you The Lotus is a symbol of peace, awakening, new beginnings, and purity of body and mind.For this reason, we chose it as the symbol for Mantra Jewellery. The Lotus Flower grows through muddy waters, rising to the surface every morning and flourishing into a beautiful flower. It reminds us to keep rising above tough times, temptation or adversity.We wanted to create a necklace of the Lotus, with an inspiring mantra to remind us of its power. The phrase ‘Be the ...
POSTED ON 01.11.17
I like, ‘She who is brave is free’, as it reminds me that fear entraps us, and keeps us in a small, confined, seemingly safe, but ultimately restrictive, world; whereas courage sets us free. Read our blogs about bravery, to feel inspired. And create a mantra for yourself that brings to mind the feeling of achievement, when you have overcome your fear and done something in spite of being scared. Share your experiences with us on social media, and tag us at #mybestself to enter this month’s prize draw. ‘I am fearless and therefore powerful’
POSTED ON 31.08.17
Graduation day round the corner and not sure where to begin? Here are some tips for the big day. And hey! We have got your Graduation gifts and Teacher’s gifts sorted for you!
POSTED ON 12.07.17
Our new Mantra pendant, the Phoenix, is a depiction of that mythical, mysterious bird, representing the mantra, 'Always, I rise'. We wanted to create an inspiring piece of jewellery to encourage you, when life seems very tough. Something that would bring hope, connect you to your inner strength, and give you the courage, self-belief and positivity to turn things around.Something that would remind you that you have survived tougher circumstances or situations in the past, and you can do so again ...
POSTED ON 23.06.17
We are excited to have joined together with UK charity, Smart Works, to create a partnership to help promote and support female self-belief in the workplace. To support this wonderful charity, we have created a charity necklace with the empowering mantra, 'Believe in yourself. We do’. Carrying the powerful word, 'Believe', to represent the full mantra, and with our lotus symbol below it, the disc necklace is £35 in Sterling Silver and £55 in Yellow and Rose Gold plating. We are donating 25% of the sale of each 'Believe' necklace directly to Smart Works.
POSTED ON 03.04.17
Take a look at our top mantras for running a marathon, or achieving anything you put your mind to, whether that's 26.2 mile run or an important presentation at work. Believe in yourself, we do!
POSTED ON 27.03.17
Take our mantra quiz to find the perfect mantra for you at this time in your life. Come back and try next month, next week or tomorrow to see how your mind-set has changed...
POSTED ON 10.02.17
As the nights draw in and the clocks roll back, the darker nights will bring brighter stars. This season everyone is going mad for cosmic inspired jewellery, here are our favourite mantras inspired by the night sky…
POSTED ON 28.10.16
Michelle, or FLOTUS (which I discovered today stands for First Lady of the United States!) has been in the spotlight since Barack took to the White House over 7 years ago.  She entered our lives as the First Lady, but has carved her own path like no other, one of integrity, courage, authenticity and determination. We felt such an inspirational lady needed her own set of mantras, so here are ours inspired by FLOTUS…Hard work brings sweet rewards      &nbs...
POSTED ON 20.10.16
Find out why we created the moon and star necklace with the mantra, create your world.
POSTED ON 17.10.16
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