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Latest Blog Posts - Inspiration And Self Belief

Here are our latest blog posts, to inspire and uplift. From stories about the thinking and ideas behind the mantras, to new product updates, to interviews and guides to help you choose a mantra, we hope we have something here to inspire you. Take a look at our Gallery for some inspiration.

I am thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with business and mindset coach, Samantha Hearne. Read the full story here...
POSTED ON 09.06.21
Exam results are one small part of how we will move forwards as we leave school. Our attitude, resilience, work ethic, ability to build relationships, and our personal values, will have far more impact on how our lives pan out, and how we create our own happiness and success, than the scores we achieve in our exams, make sure they know that!
POSTED ON 01.06.21
This new Disc necklace has a three-dimensional Sun Ray design, intended to illustrate the rays of the sun shining out from the centre. It represents the mantra, ‘Everything I need is already within me’ - the design implying that the sun’s rays are shining out from deep inside you.
POSTED ON 29.08.19
We’ve put together a list of ways to stay mindful this autumn, to ensure that you enjoy everything this season has to offer, from the beauty of the natural world to quality time spent with loved ones. Read on to find out more...
POSTED ON 23.08.18
I have run the London Marathon twice, both times for charity. And through all my training and the run itself, the most useful piece of wisdom that I was given was this: you run a marathon with your mind, not your legs. Create or find a few phrases that resonate with you, and learn them - to use to drown out that voice. I had 26 mantras, one for each mile. They kept me focused, they distracted from the pain, and they drowned out that voice that wanted me to quit. Good luck to all Marathon runners this year!
POSTED ON 27.03.18
At the recent ‘Best You’ Expo in London, which we took Mantra to, we met a truly inspirational family – Sabrina Ben Salmi and her five children. I was so impressed by this family that I asked Sabrina, and her daughter Yasmine, to feature this month in our series of remarkable women, talking about their role models. With Mother’s Day coming up, hearing from mum and daughter seemed very appropriate.
POSTED ON 27.02.18
Jo Stroud talks about the 5 women who truly inspire her - Amy Johnson, Diana Nyad, Louise Hay, JK Rowling, Beryl and Matthews (my mum).
POSTED ON 28.12.17
Be the best version of you The Lotus is a symbol of peace, awakening, new beginnings, and purity of body and mind.For this reason, we chose it as the symbol for Mantra Jewellery. The Lotus Flower grows through muddy waters, rising to the surface every morning and flourishing into a beautiful flower. It reminds us to keep rising above tough times, temptation or adversity.We wanted to create a necklace of the Lotus, with an inspiring mantra to remind us of its power. The phrase ‘Be the ...
POSTED ON 01.11.17
I like, ‘She who is brave is free’, as it reminds me that fear entraps us, and keeps us in a small, confined, seemingly safe, but ultimately restrictive, world; whereas courage sets us free. Read our blogs about bravery, to feel inspired. And create a mantra for yourself that brings to mind the feeling of achievement, when you have overcome your fear and done something in spite of being scared. Share your experiences with us on social media, and tag us at #mybestself to enter this month’s prize draw. ‘I am fearless and therefore powerful’
POSTED ON 31.08.17
Graduation day round the corner and not sure where to begin? Here are some tips for the big day. And hey! We have got your Graduation gifts and Teacher’s gifts sorted for you!
POSTED ON 12.07.17
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