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The Story behind the Mantra: the Lotus

Posted: by Jo Wednesday, 1 November 2017 @ 11:49

Be the best version of you


The Lotus is a symbol of peace, awakening, new beginnings, and purity of body and mind.

For this reason, we chose it as the symbol for Mantra Jewellery. The Lotus Flower grows through muddy waters, rising to the surface every morning and flourishing into a beautiful flower. It reminds us to keep rising above tough times, temptation or adversity.

We wanted to create a necklace of the Lotus, with an inspiring mantra to remind us of its power. The phrase ‘Be the best version of you’ reminds us that we can choose how we react in difficult or challenging situations. We can step up, stand tall, make the right decisions and be our best selves.

So choose the Lotus Necklace when you want to remind yourself or a friend to keep rising above whatever is going on around you.








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