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5 Mantras to Tackle Exam Stress

Posted: by Jo Sunday, 24 April 2022 @ 13:18

For many of our young people, it's coming up to exam time, with GCSE's and A-levels in particular causing stress. Exams are a challenging time for the whole family, as they are such an important marker in someone's life - which inevitably leads to tension and stress. We’ve put together five mantras to help you all get through this pivotal time. A gift to keep someone motivated - that has nothing to do with the results they achieve - can go a long way towards keeping them calm.


Hard work brings sweet rewards

Hard work brings sweet rewards necklace

The perfect mantra to let them know that you’re aware of how hard they’re working, and that you have no doubt that - as long as they’re trying their best - they will reap the rewards. Our Bee brings this mantra to life perfectly. 


All things are possible if you believe

Self-belief is one of the most important things we can instil in the next generation. When they’re sitting that exam, they need to believe they can succeed. This tactile bar bracelet is perfect to hold in moments of stress or anxiety. Take a breath, repeat this mantra, and it will remind them that they can do it!


You are strong. You are capable. You got this!

Designed to celebrate strength and give encouragement, this mantra reassures someone that they can handle anything life throws at them - including exams! Help them take inspiration from the resilient elephant, and recognise their own inner strength. 


Choose to shine

Choose to Shine Earrings 

Choose the Sterling Silver Star Earrings to encourage someone to do their best, to step up to be their best self. Shine like the star you are!


I feel calm, safe and grounded

Anchor for Calmness

The anchor is a symbol of stability, holding the vessel safe in calm seas or stormy weather. Wear your anchor to remind you that you have that power inside you. If you feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, hold your anchor and visualise feeling calm.


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