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5 mantras to tackle exam stress

Posted: by Jo Friday, 29 April 2016 @ 13:18

Exams are a stressful time for everyone involved, from the kids taking the exams, to the parents trying to help in any way they can, which inevitably leads to some tension at home. We’ve put together five mantras to help you get through this pivotal time in their lives. A gift to keep them motivated - that has nothing to do with the results they achieve - can go a long way towards keeping them calm.

Hard work brings sweet rewards, Mantra necklace

Hard work brings sweet rewards necklace

The perfect mantra to let them know that you’re aware of how hard they’re working, and that you have no doubt that as long as they’re trying their best they will reap the rewards!

All things are possible if you believe, Mantra bracelet

Self-belief is one of the most important things we can instil in the next generation, and when they’re sitting that exam they need to believe they can succeed. This tactile bar is perfect to hold in moments of stress or anxiety, take a breath, repeat this mantra and it’ll remind that they can do it!

You are strong. You are capable. You got this!, Elephant necklace

Designed to celebrate strength and give encouragement, this mantra will reassure them that they can handle anything life throws at them - including exams! Help them take inspiration from the resilient elephant, and recognise their own inner strength

The sky's the limit, Star stud earrings

silver star stud earrings

For centuries, people have gazed up at the night-sky and wished on shooting stars. These simple Sterling Silver Star Earrings are perfect to remind yourself to dream big and remember there is a wonderful world of opportunities after the exams are over and done with

You are loved, Mantra necklace for Mum

You are loved necklace, mantra jewellery

This one’s for you! They may be taking their frustrations out on you at this moment in time, but it’s these life changing moments that you’ll look back on, so for now, wear this mantra to remember that they love you, and let your patience be boosted by that love!