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Here are our latest blog posts, to inspire and uplift. From stories about the thinking and ideas behind the mantras, to new product updates, to interviews and guides to help you choose a mantra, we hope we have something here to inspire you.

With new restrictions now in place, and the virus simply not going away, many people are struggling to stay positive and optimistic. Life already seems hard, and it will seem even tougher as time goes on. Here are my favourite mantras for offering support...
POSTED ON 24.09.20
It feels like we are through the worst of the crisis, so it is time to start looking to the future and planning ahead again. We have all had a bit of a ‘lockdown mentality’ these past few months, just getting through the days - but now it really feels like it’s time to be more ambitious in our thinking, and get excited about the future again. Here are some mantras to encourage looking ahead, as you start planning for new experiences, new adventures, and new ambitions
POSTED ON 25.08.20
It’s been a difficult and challenging few months for us all, but it feels now like we are coming through it, and can start to look forward again. Here are some mantras to get you dreaming once again. Tap into your deepest desires, reconnect with what sets your soul on fire, and start dreaming once more…
POSTED ON 23.07.20
Here are some mantras to channel that relaxed frame of mind, to help you escape back into those moments of peace and calm. Try to hang onto that sense of space and freedom, as you go back about your daily life.
POSTED ON 23.06.20
Now that life is starting to open up again, with many adults back at work and some children back in school, we all need to be ready to resume our daily lives again. Here are some mantras to help us embrace this next new stage, as daily life starts to resume...
POSTED ON 28.05.20
As the current crisis goes on, it’s easy to start feeling impatient and frustrated with the restrictions, and to wonder when life might get back to normal. Each one of us has to cultivate a deep feeling of patience. Here are some mantras that help me embrace patience...
POSTED ON 09.04.20
As the current crisis goes on, we are all going to to find it harder to do without the things we are used to having in our lives. Here are my favourite mantras for building resilience. Read on...
POSTED ON 31.03.20
We’ve put together our favourite mantras for mums, as a gift from Mantra to all you mums out there this Mother’s Day. We hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day, and remember, you’re doing a great job!
POSTED ON 26.02.20
We’re very excited to be attending the first ever Life Lessons Festival at the Barbican, London this month. In the spirit of the festival, we’ve put together our favourite mantras that work as life lessons.
POSTED ON 07.02.20
It’s the month of love at mantra, we’re focusing on giving ourselves love and radiating that love out to others. From a kind gesture to a stranger to a love token to your partner. Here are some romantic mantras for the ones you love…
POSTED ON 26.01.20
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