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Here are some perfect mantras to celebrate your mum, this Mother’s Day – show her what she means to you and what she has done for you.
POSTED ON 21.02.19
The close of one year gives us a chance to look back on what has happened in our lives over that year, to remember and revel in the good times; and to reflect on the more challenging times with a sense of perspective.
POSTED ON 21.12.18
Who doesn't love autumn? Comfy sweaters, warm drinks and pretty colors! It’s finally the season to many who enjoy fun foods, festivities and cooler weather. Here are 5 autumn mantras to get you started...
POSTED ON 22.08.18
I have run the London Marathon twice, both times for charity. And through all my training and the run itself, the most useful piece of wisdom that I was given was this: you run a marathon with your mind, not your legs. Create or find a few phrases that resonate with you, and learn them - to use to drown out that voice. I had 26 mantras, one for each mile. They kept me focused, they distracted from the pain, and they drowned out that voice that wanted me to quit. Good luck to all the London runners this year!
POSTED ON 27.03.18
A good starting point for creating a mantra for your life is to create a ‘Vision Board’ for what you want your life to look like. Draw, or stick pictures, or use PowerPoint or Pinterest, to create a picture of the important people, places, things, activities and achievements you desire in your ideal life, and the values that are important to you. It will include things that make you happy, things you are grateful for, and what you want to achieve. Spend some time doing this, to get i...
POSTED ON 20.03.18
If you have a particular challenge in your life right now, or a particular situation that is worrying you or causing you to lose sleep, you might want to create a mantra to use as a positive affirmation.Affirmations are different to mantras, as they are usually phrased as ‘I am..’, and they may not strictly be true at the present moment. They are seeking to reinforce a view of yourself that you feel would be useful and productive to have – but which you do not necessarily belie...
POSTED ON 20.03.18
Think of three occasions in your life when you have really achieved something - a time when you felt really proud, or you overcame the odds, or did better than you or anyone else expected. One from childhood, adulthood, and one recent one.Look back to each occasion, and remember that sense of achievement. Think about what you needed to do, to achieve it. Did you need to believe in yourself? Or keep persisting, without giving up? Or put many hours into practising? Or approach it in a different wa...
POSTED ON 20.03.18
Think of three occasions in your life when you have been really happy – one from childhood, one from adulthood, and one recent one. Look back at each occasion, to see if you can pick out the common factors that really created that happiness. Write these down, and try to summarise these things into 3 or 4 words, or a short phrase.For me, when I think of the times that I am truly happy, they revolve around good times with my husband and my parents; family meals and occasions when we always s...
POSTED ON 20.03.18
Mantras should always be phrased in the positive - to encourage you to be your best self, not to criticise you for being your worst.Come up with a short sentence that you can remember, that will act as a prompt. You want it to be a few words of wisdom that remind or instruct you to behave in a particular way, think in a particular way, or change something about how you usually react to a situation.Read some of our suggestions here, to give you some ideas. You can also work through our ‘Fin...
POSTED ON 20.03.18
 Just breatheTaking control of your natural breathing patterns is one ofyour body’s best in-built defences against stress. One popular breathing methodis known as Sama Vritti, or ‘equal breathing’. This consists of breathingdeeply in on a count of 4, and breathing deeply out on a count of 4. Savour the little moments in every daySometimes, when you have a lot on your plate, focusing onthe big picture can be overwhelming. It is important to appreciate life’s smalljoys...
POSTED ON 31.10.17
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